Thursday, September 17, 2015

News Analysis Shows Trump Dominates CNN Republican Nomination Coverage

A study of CNN's news coverage shows how "The Donald" has dominated:

Last night, one debate viewer remarked that the other Republicans need to talk about the issues and not about Donald Trump.  They are...CNN and the other news outlets are just not covering those candidates.  Does anyone doubt that Jeb Bush's 11.75% coverage were of his remarks he made about Trump?   That's the only way candidates can get the media to report on what they're say something about Trump.

Silly me, but I still think news outlets still have some civic responsibility to inform the public, not just be about putting Trump on the air 24/7 because that gets ratings.  How is a Rand Paul, for example, going to get his libertarian Republican message out when CNN gives him a platform of two minutes of coverage over that period while "The Donald" gets 580 minutes.

In a not unrelated story, CNN charged advertisers over 40 times its normal rate for commercials run during the Republican debate.


Anonymous said...

CNN was out to "get" Mr. Trump but they failed. In their tiny minds the suspicion arose that if the Donald could just be exposed for what he is, who he is, then the American People would turn against him. They were wrong and the little POS of CNN actually exposed public....with holes in their kneepads.

Anonymous said...

You have no one to blame but your hero Ronald Reagan and his FCC for this. The Fairness Doctrine was abolished fully in 1987, and along with it the Zapple Doctrine that required equal time for candidates.

All in the name of "de-regulation". That's what you conservatives like, isn't it?

So stop complaining. You got what you want.

Pete Boggs said...

It' interesting the Donald Trumped their ratings; otherwise just CNN (Clearly Not News)