Monday, August 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Polling Numbers Continue to Slide

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
For the first time in over 2 1/2 years of polling, support for Hillary Clinton among Democrats has dipped below 50%.  In a Fox News poll released this weekend, Clinton polls at 49%. Also, for the first time a Democratic challenger - in this case Bernie Sanders - has closed within 20%.  Sanders is polling 30% of the Democratic electorate.  Just two weeks a Fox News poll had him at 22%. 

The Fox News poll also has some interesting head-to-head matchups.  Clinton leads Donald Trump nationally 47-42, a significant narrowing of that contest. Meanwhile Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio lead Clinton by 2% while Carly Fiorini trails Clinton by 7%.

Of course, these national numbers are not nearly as important as the numbers from early primary/caucus states.

Information on these polls can be found at Real Clear Politics.


Greg Wright said...

Ms. Clinton's numbers slide even without strong competition. The GOP establishment candidates numbers are lower than the outsider competition. The base in both parties are fed up with the establishment candidates and party leadership. The same may be true in our own local elections.

Indianapolis appears to be stuck with a choice between Lying Joe and No-license Chuck. If we had an alternative on the ballot, it might encourage voters to vote.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Greg Wright 9:31 completely on the dishonest Hillary Rodham Clinton's polling numbers free fall.

I also agree with Mr.Wright regarding the liberal Democrat Lying Joe Hogsett and the Establishment Republican No-License "Lt. Col." Charles Brewer. We Marion County voters are actually being served two versions of the very same person. Until I have a candidate not shoved down my throat by the Liberal Democrat and RINO Republican Machines, I will not be participating in the sham those machines call "free elections". And think of all the incumbents running for re-election and all the wanna be challengers... when people like me do not show up all those candidates do not get votes either.

Veracity said...

Whine all you want boys, Nate Silver says the nominee will be Hilary Clinton.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Veracity, I can't speak for Anon or Greg, but I'm not whining. I'd love for Hillary Clinton to be the nominee. She's a very weak candidate. My greatest fear is that the Democrats will wake up in time and nominate someone much tougher, someone like Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

Greg Wright said...

My neighbors are quite upset with the increasing frequency of home invasions and break down of the ability of the police to hold back the bad guys. The cops simply do not have adequate resources.

Neighbors - both Black and White -- complain that we spend millions on professional sports and give lip service to police resources.

Even in my safely Democratic district, City Councilman Mr. Monroe Gray might have difficulty if someone would propose a shift in public policy priorities and run against him in the primary. I'll bet that this situation is not uncommon around Indy.

Flogger said...

Hillary and the Clintonites in the Democrat Party thought all she would need is a lot of money, some "Slick" Marketing to grab the Democrat Nomination.

The McMega-Media "Pundits" simply do not give any credit at all for Hillary's declining numbers to Bernie Sanders. Sanders draws huge crowds across the country far in excess of any Republican or Hillary. Sanders does not have the name recognition across the country but, Hillary's name recognition is two edged sword that is cutting her.

The Corporate Democrats are becoming very uncomfortable as they see the self anointed and self appointed Queen Hillary's balloon deflating before their eyes. Now the Corporate Democrats are trying to pull the old sore-armed past his prime Joe Biden from the Corporate Bullpen.

Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders is my choice for the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Anonymous said...

Paul, this is Anon 12:23 and I can guarantee you I am not whining at all. Why would I whine? I thrill to the opportunity for the duplicitous Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the leftist liberal Democrat candidate for President. The Republican field has more than one qualified and able candidate to expose Hillary Rodham Clinton for exactly what she is... and honest and transparent are two words she is not. Carly Fiorina will have a field day with Hillary Clinton.

Pete Boggs said...

Shrillary won't play well in Peoria...