Monday, June 1, 2015

Clinton Foundation Targets Poverty While Paying Its Executives Lavish Salaries

One of the goals of the founding of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation was to address world poverty.  At the 2007 annual conference, "Poverty Alleviation" was one of the "areas of focus" along with Education, Energy & Climate Change and Global Health.

But the Clinton Foundation has certainly helped the Clintons financially.  Last year, Hillary Clinton told an ABC News reporter that her family was impoverished when the Clintons left the White House in 2001:
“We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.. “We had no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.”
Even after the flap regarding foreign governments making donations to the Clinton Foundation and paying Bill Clinton to give speeches while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the former President said he would continue to give paid speeches, even while his wife is a candidate for President and possibly even after she is elected.  Bill told an NBC reporter "I gotta pay our bills."

Yes, living paycheck to paycheck is difficult.  I feel your pain Mr. President.

But while Clinton Foundation executives might have targeted poverty, they have no intention of actually living it themselves.  Clinton officials do very well.  In 2013, Bruce R. Lindsey and Eric Braverman served as CEO's of the Clinton Foundation.  According to the Clinton Foundation's 2013 tax return published on Guidestar, the CEOs made a combined $669,197, not including benefits.  Other Clinton executives made the following, again not including benefits:
Andrew Kessell  $207,955
Stephen S. Street   $169,749
Robert S. Harrison  $243,757
Dennis Chenge  $236,885
Mark Gunton  $215,958
Virginia Ehrlidcch  $201,023
Frederic Poust  $484,257
The Clinton Foundation paid out a total of $23,156,897 in compensation in 2013.


Anonymous said...

% of assetts?

Anonymous said...

Every member of the Clinton family can rightly be called a parasite on the American taxpayers. The Clintons show again and again they believe they do not have to follow the laws we little people suffer under- personal email servers just the latest episode. Their protestations of innocence on the many scandals and deaths that surround them are deceitful, sly, and disingenuous to the trained mind. Bill Clinton effectively put the US Government and its science and trade secrets for sale and Bill and Hillary are the middlemen. How else did China go from zero space ability to super-successful rocketry? Anyone remember Ron Brown? The Clinton Foundation is proved to be nothing more than a money laundering scheme taking in millions from governments and tyrants who trample every human right on the planet... all this in order to profit Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea and the sycophants who hang on for the orts cast about. I believe a key reason the near septuagenarian grandma runs and runs and runs for national office is to keep the payola from foreign "donors" flowing to the crime syndicate known as The Clinton Initiative. There is no source of income the Clintons will refuse and their client tyrants include those who demonize and destroy women's rights and gay rights. My left liberal friends continue to defend these low-lifers no matter how obvious their greed and graft; this weird and sick fetish left liberal Democrats have for Bill and Hillary Clinton seems like a mental disorder of the highest degree.

I can just hear it now... "but what about hat George Bush?!?"

Pete Boggs said...

Turns out; there's a lot of money in "poverty."

Flogger said...

As a Left Liberal I have never trusted the Clintons. They have been and always will be about lining their own pockets. All those deals President Hillbilly Clinton made RE: NAFTA, with China, and dismantling any protections we had from predatory capitalism helped ruin the American Middle Class. February 8, 1996, Clinton signed the Telecom Act, which killed many independent and smaller broadcasting companies by opening a national market for “cross-ownership.” But hey, the 1% can pay back the Clintons by purchasing tickets to Hillbilly's and Hillary's stirring speeches.

There is a very good article on Paul Craig Robert's Web Site on the Clintons and the Bankers.

I would agree with Anon 12:46, there are Democrats and Delusional Lefties who are taken in by the Hillary Circus Act.

Anonymous said...

Why pick on the Clintons?

The head of ICVA's paid a base annual salary of $280,000 plus 56,000 in annual performance incentives.

And ICVA's a bit closer to home for Hoosiers.

Paul K. Ogden said...
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Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 943, I've written about the ICVA outrageous salaries before. Of course no spouse of the ICVA leader has been Secretary of State or a presidential candidate. That's what makes how the Clinton Foundation raises money to fund these lavish salaries a big story.

Susan McKee said...

Well, how about THESE outrageous salaries:

Sixty-eight public college presidents and chancellors made more than President Barack Obama in 2014, according to a Huffington Post analysis of The Chronicle of Higher Education's annual report on college heads' compensation.

The Chronicle released its annual database of the salaries of public college chief executives Sunday night. The new list shows that two presidents made over $1 million in 2014, and 66 others made more than the Obamas' 2014 income of $495,964.

High salaries for college presidents have been a source of controversy in recent years as students have increasingly taken on large amounts of debt to get a degree. One study last year found a correlation between highly paid presidents at state universities and larger student debt loads.