Thursday, May 21, 2015

Carmel Spends $1.4 Million on 17 Creepy Downtown Statues

The Indianapolis Star today has a story about how the City of Carmel has dropped $1.4 million on statutes in its downtown area that many visitors describe as downright  "creepy."  The individual statues range from $118,000 to $49,975.  The article is definitely worth reading to see how our northern suburban neighbor has no problem wasting taxpayer money, putting off until the next decade worrying about the bills that will become due for the municipality's wasteful spending.

Of course, Indianapolis' officials are renown for wasting taxpayer money on bad public art.  Carmel, however, wins the prize for creepiness.


Anonymous said...

It's what the people want.

Anonymous said...

I have owned in Carmel and I have owned in Marion County where I currently reside. I prefer Carmel but as long as I stay in the center of Center Township I can deal with the deterioation everywhere else in the Marion County. My preference with Carmel does NOT include the utterly corrupt Mayor Brainard.

Longtime Mayor Jim Brainard's ENTIRE faux downtown Carmel is "creepy" just as are those bizarre life-size/life like statues. Brainard gave Carmelites a fake Arts District, a fake downtown, fake urban clustered living zones, and establishment Republican Brainard gave his politically connected construction company PEDCOR millions in many of these schemes.

That Carmelites continue to re-elect the corrupt Jim Brainard speaks to the low information voter phenom AND to a political system that views anyone with a realistic, Conservative world view as a "fringe candidate" (Brainard's words).

Anonymous said...

While many things are blamed for the deficiencies of Western societies, but no matter how sacred it is, the problem is democracy. Corrupt idiots cannot be expected to elect wise people with integrity.