Monday, January 19, 2015

Rev. Charles Harrison Steps Aside From Mayor's Race to Support "Good Friend"

The Indianapolis Star is reporting:
Rev. Charles Harrison
The Rev. Charles Harrison, the leader of the Ten Point Coalition, said today that he will not run for mayor of Indianapolis as long as his “good friend” Olgen Williams is in the race.   
Harrison, however, held open the door for a possible candidacy after the May primary if Williams does not win the Republican nomination. If he were to get in that point, Harrison said he would run in the general election as a Libertarian or independent.
But he doesn’t want to run against Williams, who was a prominent black leader in the city even before Mayor Greg Ballard hired him in 2007 to serve as deputy mayor of neighborhoods. Williams announced on Monday that he will seek the Republican nomination.
When [Star editor Tim Swarens] spoke with him in November, Harrison said that he was concerned that the presumed Democratic candidate, former U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett, would emphasize a law enforcement approach to addressing Indy’s public safety problems rather than a more holistic approach. 
Not sure if this announcement actually will have any effect. After all Rev. Harrison, wouldn't have to declare this early unless he was running as a Democrat or Republican which was never likely.  If Harrison runs as an independent or a Libertarian, he can wait until after the primaries in order to file.

One good thing about having Harrison in the race is that he might begin questioning the corporate welfare agenda that both party establishments are currently pursuing.   It is highly unlikely that Olgen Williams, who as part of the worst pay-to-play, tax increasing, borrowing and spending administration in Indianapolis history, will be inclined to go against his boss Mayor Greg Ballard on the campaign trail.

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Nicolas Martin said...

What a stroke of luck that one needn't be a libertarian to be a Libertarian Party candidate.