Monday, November 24, 2014

Republican Challenger Enjoys Comfortable Lead over Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu

Senator-Elect Bill Cassidy (R-LA)
There is still one U.S. Senate seat to be decided, Louisiana's.  That state's runoff election between Republican Challenger Bill Cassidy and Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu will be held on December 6th.

A Rasmussen poll released Sunday showed Cassidy with a
15 point lead.  Sen. Landrieu's failed effort to get the Senate to reconsider opposition to the Keystone pipeline does not appear to have helped the incumbent Senator.

The expected win in Louisiana would give the Republicans 54 seats in the new Senate.  In another race, the winner of which was not apparent until after Election Day, Alaskan Democratic Senator Mark Begich on November 17th conceded to Republican challenger Dan Sullivan. Sullivan led by less than 8,000 after all the votes were counted.

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