Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Political Malpractice: Marion County GOP Chairman Fails to Recruit County Assessor Candidate

Kyle Walker, Marion County
Republican Chairman
This afternoon I picked up the ballot and was shocked to find out that the Marion County Assessor's race was being contested this year.  I had heard nothing about the contest, quite probably because there is no contest.  Inexplicably the Republicans had failed to put up a candidate against incumbent Joseph O'Connor.

As I've said before, the No. 1 job of a county chairman is to recruit candidates.  2014 is likely to feature depressed Democratic turnout leading to a good Republican year.  Marion County is a 45% Republican county during mid-term elections.  It's still a competitive county, especially during non-presidential years.  Yet the Republicans don't field a candidate for a county-wide office?  Unbelievable.

That failure comes the same year that Marion County Republican Kyle Walker failing to recruit a candidate in 8 of 15 house districts, including three that are competitive.

That's called political malpractice.


Greg Bowes said...

The job of recruiting a county assessor candidate is not as easy as with other offices. Ind. Code 3-8-1-23(c) requires the non-incumbent candidate to be a Level three assessor-appraiser. This certification takes several weeks of full-time training to obtain, and the courses are not offered that often. Someone planning two years ahead could do it.

Unknown said...

No Republican candidate for Lake County Prosecutor. The incumbent is arguably the most corrupt sack of doggie doo doo in elected office. Made a plea deal three weeks ago in a dui vehicular murder case that had a Munster cop witness, a defendant with over 100 prior moving violations, and over twice the legal limit .

Independent 1 said...

I can’t believe that the Republicans offered no one in district 97. John Elrod won that district in 2006 when it was more Democratic than it is now.