Sunday, November 16, 2014

Average Monthly Temperatures Since 2012 Show Markedly Lower Temperatures for the United States

I was in the process of possibly doing an article on how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has adjusted (manipulated?) older temperature readings in the official records, but I thought I'd write separately to set out some monthly temperature data that might be of interest.  I remember all too well the unusually warm temperatures of 2012, particularly the scorching hot summer that year, being repeatedly cited by the time by alarmists as proof positive of global warming.  In light of the alarmists focus on weather as proof of anthropogenic global warming I thought I'd set out how the monthly temperatures in 2013 and 2014 in the continental United States have ranked out of the 120 years of official records kept by NOAA.

Jan.  2013        31st warmest
Feb. 2013        48th
March 2013     73rd
April 2013       99th
May 2013        45th
June 2013        15th
July 2013         35th
Aug. 2013        28th
Sep. 2013           8th
Oct. 2013         85th
Nov. 2013        65th
Dec. 2013        91st
Jan. 2014         60th
Feb. 2014         84th
Mar. 2014        78th
April 2014       46th
May 2014        30th
June 2014        33rd
July 2014         75th
Aug. 2014        53rd
Sep. 2014         26th
Oct. 2014           4th

Nineteen of the last 22 months have not even broken into the top 20.  Nine months, in fact, have ranked in the bottom half.  Of course, alarmists will scream that this is weather and not climate. I totally agree.  But why is it okay for the alarmists to use weather events, like a hot day or hot summer, as proof of global warming, while decrying those who use colder weather to prove the contrary? The answer is that alarmists are hypocrites, more than willing to use weather when it advances their anthropogenic global warming theory.  That's also why they repacked their their from global warming to "climate change." That way any change, and the climate is always changing, proves the theory.


Rhonda Lee said...

Of course I can look at your same cherry-picked data and say that 13 out of the past 22 months exceeded the median temperature.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, here we go again. When we're talking about GLOBAL warming, how about we talk about the GLOBE? Not just the U.S. Okay?

It's so ironic that you accuse climate scientists of using weather to talk about climate, when in fact that is exactly the same fallacious argument you're making.

Pete Boggs said...

What we have is anthropogenic fraud or global worming...

Paul K. Ogden said...

Draxotl,I don't disagree but you can't have your cake and eat it to. When the US has a warm year the focus is on it. When it's Europe, the focus is on it, when it's Australia the focus is on it. You alarmists want to pick and choose your measuring stick, even going so far as changing the term from global warming to climate change.

I also pointed out specifically in my article the distinction between weather and climate, but the alarmists ignore that distinction when it better fits their alarmism.