Friday, October 24, 2014

State Senate Candidate JD Ford Ducks Question Whether He Supports Denying Public Services to Organizations with Objectionable Religious Beliefs

State Senate Candidate JD Ford
Over at IndyPolitics, Abdul has obtained state senate candidate JD Ford's response to criticism of his comment at a candidate forum which seem to indicate that his position is that businesses and other organizations which don't support same sex marriage should be barred from receiving public services, in particular police and fire protection:
Its clear my answer to a specific question about discrimination was taken out of context. I said Hoosiers should not be denied service as a result of their race, gender or sexual orientation.
That statement does not provide "context."  It is nothing but spin, i.e. an attempt to duck responding to the questions Ford himself raised with his comment.  It is real simple, JD.  Do you support denying public services, such as police and fire protection, to businesses and other organizations that have objectionable religious beliefs, such as not supporting same sex marriage?

We don't need political spin, JD. We just need a "yes" or "no."

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Pete Boggs said...

Having heard his intole-rant & the quote in context; Ford in the goose-step fashion of fascism, advocates bigoted denial of services to citizens based on their free speech rights & rights to associate (which are also rights to disassociate), that conflict with his militancy.

His failure to recognize that what he said was wrong, is the dismissive brand of tyrannic, political caste arrogance that makes him unfit for any public service.

One citizen's right to pursue happiness is not a lien on the happiness of others; which includes the right to associate or disassociate.