Monday, September 22, 2014

Seven Years of Tax and Fee Increases Proposed by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has supported numerous tax increases during his seven years in office.   This list no doubt omits some of them.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard
Lodging (Hotel) Tax
--Ballard supported a 10% increase (from 9% to 10%) at the legislature

Car Rental Tax
--Ballard supported a 50% increase in local car rental tax from 4% to 6%.

Admission's Tax
--Ballard pushed for a 67% increase in the admission's tax from 6% to 10%.

Alcohol Tax (tax on beer wine and liquor purchased in Marion County)
-- Ballard supported a 100% increase in the alcohol tax in the county.

Property Taxes
--Ballard supported an increase in the residents property tax through the elimination of the local homestead tax credit.

Food and Beverage Tax
--Ballard supported a 13% increase in the local food and beverage tax (2% to 2.25%) to bail out CIB.

Wheel Tax
--Ballard supported moving the sunset on the tax from 2011 to 2019.

Vehicle Excise Tax

 --Ballard supported moving the sunset on the tax from 2011 to 2019.

Personal Income Tax
--Ballard opposed a cut in the tax proposed by Governor Pence.

Property Taxes
--Ballard supported an increase in IMPD district to include outside old city limits, raising property taxes for residents who live in those areas.

Local Option Income Tax
-Ballard pushed for 18.5% increase from from 1.62% to 1.92% for extended bus service.  This tax increase is currently on hold depending on the mass transit referendum.

Vehicle Excise Tax
--Ballard supported removal of 2019 sunset

Wheel Tax
---Ballard supported removal of 2019 sunset

Public Safety Tax
--Ballard pushed through a 43% increase (.35 to .50)

Property Taxes
--Ballard is again trying to increase property taxes by eliminating the local homestead tax credit.

New Wheel Tax
--Ballard wants out of county residents working in Marion County subject to a new wheel tax.


Mayor Ballard has also supported directly and indirectly scores of fee and rate increases on Indianapolis residents and local businesses.

Parking Meter Rates - 100% increase in parking meter rates from 75 cents an hour to $1.50 in less than 2 years allowed via 50 year contract signed with ACS. 

Creation of Fire Inspection Fee from $50 to $150.  Also, added "self-inspection" fee of $25. 

Taxicabs: $100 to $471.

Taxicab drivers: $20 to $283.

Sidewalk cafes: $169 to $591.

Pet shops and kennels: $25 to $559.

Trash haulers: $20 to $479.

Hotels: $20 to $603.

Pay telephones: $52 to $114.

Transient merchants: $20 to $213.

Massage parlors: $250 to $559.

Massage therapists, escorts and nude models: $25 to $92.

Installation of new water heater in home or business: $25 to $153 (if venting or fuel type is changed).

Scrap dealers: $200 to $823.

Vendor cart renewals:
$100 to $273.

Block parties or other special events with a street closing: $25 to $113-$683 (higher fee for events with multiple street closures, food, entertainment and security.)

Horse-drawn carriages:
$20 to $77.

General construction inspections:
$40-$50 to $107.

Zoning variance to change permitted use of homes:
$200 to $579.

Zoning variance of use for a business: $900 to $1,999.

Sewer bill increases (increased for consumers in conjunction with sale of utilities to Citizen's Energy)

Water bill increases (increased for consumers conjunction with sale of utilities to Citizen's Energy)

Electrical bill increases  (Ballard supported having consumers subsidize his electric car program by run by a private company)


Anonymous said...

oh no, not massage parlors

Blog Admin said...

I don't have as much of a problem with some of the fee increases. Many of them haven't been raised in decades and some of the areas, such as taxis, were woefully underregulated prior to the fee increase because there was no money budgeted to enforce code on them.

Nowadays, taxi cab companies are actually getting their licenses revoked for not providing basic things such as a 24 hour call center and accepting credit cards. Of course it takes time and several offenses before a license is revoked, and they get chances to reform. But it didn't use to happen at all.

The more general tax increases, however, are just there to fatten the wallet of Mayor Greg so he can hand out more money to his pals.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The fee increases have amounted to more than the other tax increases, particularly when you look at the water and sewer rate increases that were directly attributable to the half billion dollar pay out from the sale to Citizens Energy. There should have been no net payout because of the exorbitant debt on the utilities. The cash payout just meant that much higher sewer and water rates residents have to pay. The lying Ballard tried to make it out as a windfall, when it was nothing of the sort.

Jon said...

It's a ggod thing we elected a mayor who promised to lower taxes

Unknown said...

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