Monday, September 22, 2014

Mayoral Candidate Ed Delaney Issues Press Release on Indianapolis Recycling

For Immediate Release Contact: Anastasia Foster
September 15, 2014 317-413-7497  

Why is the Mayor in a Rush to Hurt Recycling of Our City's Waste?

INDIANAPOLIS - The City has been sued in state court over a rushed agreement with Covanta that will set back recycling for years. The lawsuit is based on apparent violations of
Rep. Ed Delaney
proper bidding procedures. The plaintiffs, which include buyers of recycled materials, raise two important questions. The first being, why do we want to reduce our recycling efforts by going backwards and mixing glass and cardboard with trash as we did in the past? And secondly, what was the rush?

I have recycled for years and am happy to do so. I was raised to be frugal and to care of the environment. I know it costs me money and takes a bit of time. But I feel a sense of civic duty, something we hear too little about. The possibility of a contract extension offered the City a chance to have an informed conversation about recycling and how to do it effectively. The Mayor's rush has replaced a conversation with a lawsuit. Surely, he saw that coming. In his rush, he reduced our hopes for the environment and our confidence in his administration.

I am particularly troubled by the fact that the Mayor has acted without City-County Council support. This seems to be a pattern: grab power and move fast. If the Mayor wants to sign long-term contracts the least he could do is to permit an informed discussion. I will commit to doing that starting November of 2015.

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