Thursday, February 6, 2014

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's $10,000 Political Contributor Club

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard
According to Indianapolis Mayor Ballard's 2013 campaign finance report, the following individuals or companies contributed $10,000 or more according to my calculations:

Ice Miller  $33,475
Willis Conner   $31,000
Faegre Baker Daniels   $25,250
Dean White   $25,000
Bingham Greenbaum   $25,000
DLZ Indiana/Industrial    $24,500
Barnes & Thornburg    $21,546
Bose McKinney   $18,800
Keith Lochmueller   $17,500
CHA Consulting   $15,000
Krieg Devault   $13,000
Midwest Constructors  $12,500
Robert Finch   $10,500
HNTB Holdings LTD PAC   $10,000
The Power PAC   $10,000
Mark Downey   $10,000
REI Real Estate Services, LLC   $10,000

I would also point out that these are contributions in an off-year. It was reported that the Ballard campaign raised over $903,394 in 2013 and spent $203,400 leaving it with almost $700,000 in the bank.

I haven't had the time to research or write about the background on all these (of course many are law firms) but I believe they all have significant business with the City of Indianapolis. 


Flogger said...

Too bad the Reports do not require who the Employers are. The Federal Campaign Contributions seem to require this.

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