Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blogger Reports On Angry Altercation Mayor Greg Ballard Had With Indianapolis Councilor

I don't normally report on such matters, but given I heard independent verification of the altercation I will.  Jon Easter of Indy Democrat blog reports:
Mayor Greg Ballard
An allegedly visibly angry Mayor Greg Ballard apparently got into some sort of verbal altercation with City-County Councillor Zach Adamson at the recent Hob Knob event sponsored by the Indy Chamber.

An anonymous source tells Indy Democrat that Adamson approached the Mayor to thank him for his open and public support of shooting down House Joint Resolution 6.  Mayor Ballard allegedly brushed aside Adamson's thank you to begin to verbally lay into the Councillor on another issue.

What had Ballard's goat on this night was the City-County Council's killing of Ballard's infrastructure plan that would have floated bonds to pay for more road and street repairs.

Several City-County Councillors, including Adamson, expressed reservation over this plan in that future generations will be paying back loans for repairs that won't last the entire term of the loan.  When Adamson shared his concerns at the Hob Knob event with Ballard after the Mayor began his tirade, the source tells me Ballard told Adamson, "That's Bull! You just don't want me to get re-elected. that's it. We're going to murder you guys on this.  ...You're dead."

Zach Adamson
He allegedly said those words more than once while pointing his finger at Adamson and at times shaking his hands and gesturing wildly.  Ballard, of course, is a former Marine as he likes to tell everyone.  It's safe to say he got the full Marine training.  That might make him a pretty intimidating person to deal with.

Adamson told Ballard that he simply came over to thank him for his support of nixing HJR-6 and not to get into a "political fist fight."  My source says Ballard told Adamson, "Then do the right thing and pass this."

The source says that several people at the Hob Nob including members of the City-County Council witnessed the pretty-much one sided verbal joust in utter shock.  Several others standing around were beginning to stare when a Republican City-County Councillor swooped in and came between Adamson and Ballard before walking away with a stunned Adamson.
That the Mayor has a short fuse isn't exactly news.  I have reported before how Mayor Ballard's quick temper and anger whenever questioned are major character flaws for a candidate to have, flaws that can be easily exploited.  Yet the Democrats failed to exploit Mayor Ballard's mighty thin skin in 2011, choosing instead to run a passive campaign that didn't challenge the Mayor Ballard more unpopular moves and misplaced priorities.    If they would have the Mayor would have likely had other meltdowns like he did with the Adamson altercation.

I am surprised though that this exchange which happened in front of scores of people, including undoubtedly reporters, had not been previously reported.  I thought for sure the Indianapolis Star would at least mention the altercation in the Behind Closed Doors column.  It didn't happen.

To read the rest of the Jon Easter article, click here.

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