Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yale Classifies Rape as "Non-Consensual Sex," Hands Out Written Reprimands for the Offense

The Huffington Post reports:
Yale University found six students guilty of "nonconsensual sex" during the first half of 2013 and allowed all of them to continue pursuing an Ivy League diploma from the school.

Only one of the six students that a university committee or administrator found guilty of
nonconsensual sex was suspended, according to a semi-annual report on Yale sexual misconduct. That student was excluded from Yale for two semesters and was placed on probation for the remainder of his time at Yale. Four students who were found guilty of nonconsensual sex were given written reprimands, with one required to attend gender sensitivity training. One student received probation.

Yale, in New Haven, Conn., said it responded to eight reports of sexual assault in 2013, through June 30. Two students who were found not guilty of nonconsensual sex allegations against them were counseled by administrators on appropriate conduct, the school said.

Yale spokeswoman Karen N. Peart said the university does not tolerate sexual misconduct, but said the school won't discuss the specific cases.

"One result of this commitment to confidentiality is that the descriptions in the report do not fully capture the diversity and complexity of the circumstances associated with the complaints or the factors that determined the outcomes and sanctions," Peart said. "Nonetheless, the range of penalties described in the semi-annual report reflects our readiness to impose harsh sanctions when the findings warrant them."
Outrageous.  If you're the parent of a young woman, how comfortable would you be sending her to Yale?


Pete Boggs said...

That's so depraved as to be evil. It's more fraud milling, from the Poison-Ivy League.

Unknown said...

Well maybe it was exactly what Yale says it was.

Non-consensual sex but not rape.

It would be evil to say a boy raped a girl when he didn't. Don't you think?

Pete Boggs said...

UK: "non-consensual" as a qualifier is goofy; like non-consensual murder.

TMLutas said...

Did you read the policy? You could be in violation of it for conduct that a grand jury wouldn't indict on.

Specifically what set me to twitching, forwarding a particular type of e-mail is explicitly an offense under the policy. So if some girl has a clothing malfunction while doing a keg stand, sharing that moment you captured with a camera phone might be considered an offense under the policy depending on how you caption it.

Seriously, read the policy.