Sunday, June 2, 2013

Democratic Councilor Makes Point About Misplaced Priorities: Passes Political Strategy 101 with A+ Grade

From the Indianapolis Star's Behind Closed Doors:
Before the Public Works Committee approved the measure last week on a 5-3 party-line vote, it adopted an amendment, submitted by Democrat Zach Adamson, that would transfer $6 million from RebuildIndy into a new police recruiting fund.
Councilor Zach Adamson

The full council will vote on the measure June 10.

“If we’ve got $6 million for cricket, then surely we can have $6 million to hire cops,” Adamson told us, referring to the city’s plans to spend RebuildIndy money on a world sports park on the Far Eastside. It will include fields for cricket and other international sports.
While the column also reports that Democratic councilor Vernon Brown introduced a measure to tap RebuildIndy funds for law enforcement, it was Councilor Adamson who saw the political advantage of linking his proposal to the Mayor's highly unpopular $6 million expenditure from the RebuildIndy fund on a cricket field.   The result is an easy demonstration of the Mayor's misplaced priorities and the subject material for a devastating 30 second commercial against him if he seeks re-election in 2015.


Pete Boggs said...

Mr. Adamson's use of logic will score points with the epidemic disenfranchisement of small government Republicans.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Yes, it will Pete. There are plenty of conservative Republicans in this county that are fed up with strange spending priorities and constant tax and fee increases.