Monday, March 18, 2013

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry Issues Bizzare Statement in Support of Mass Transit

One wouldn't think that a criminal prosecutor would delve into an issue like mass transit. But this is Indianapolis where the entrenched pay-to-play system has all the politicians singing from the same song book.  Enter Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry who today issued a bizarre statement in support of the mass transit boondoggle and proposed 20% local tax increase:
The Marion County Prosecutor's Office fully supports the need for a functional urban transit system, not just for the economic development benefits but for the tangible public safety advantages,” Prosecutor Curry said. “Safe, affordable transportation is part of a strategic infrastructure that naturally combats crime through visibility, activity and community engagement.
If that wasn't bizarre enough, the statement gets even more weird: 
Further, the built environment and multimodal transportation options can serve to deter criminal behavior and reduce criminal activity using a "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" approach....
Huh? That does not make any sense.

Let me clarify what Prosecutor Curry is saying.
I get political contributions from various business interests which are set to profit from mass transit. Therefore, I support mass transit.
Okay, now that makes sense.

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