Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adults: Stop Using Children as Props at Political Rallies

Two groups protested yesterday at the Indiana Statehouse:  Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Indiana's Moms Against Gun Control.  Both groups prominently featured children holding signs and taking part in the rally.

I hate it.

Whether it be gun control or other political issues that motivate people to rallies, they are nonetheless ADULT issues.  They are complicated. There are often very legitimate arguments on both sides of the issue.  Children are not in a position where they have the opportunity to hear both sides, sort through complicating factors, and make an informed decision regarding these contentious issues.

Adults like to display the children at rallies as if to say that the chosen cause is so correct that even a child can understand it and supports it.   BS.  They're just parroting their parents, their teacher or some other influential adult in their life.

It's not just gun control.  I see adults using children in rallies and protests about abortion, the environment, education, and other issues.  It needs to stop.  Children should not be props for adult political causes.

Note:  Photos are not from the Indianapolis gun rallies.


Cato said...

The tactic is intended to insulate the messenger, thus the argument, from critique.

"You'd dare argue with a child?"

"You'd dare argue with a woman?"

"You'd dare argue with a mother?"


You're right to despise the practice.

Racoon said...

What's next, Paul? Are you gonna argue money should be taken out of politics, too? ;-)

Pete Boggs said...

Point taken, but should they get sitters to attend these rallies or?