Thursday, December 13, 2012

Former Colts GM Supports Expansion of the Playoffs

Expanding the NFL playoffs from 12 to 14 (or 16) teams is a terrible idea. There are only 32 NFL teams.  The regular season is already too long.  More teams making the playoffs inevitably devalue the regular season games.  You will end up with even more mediocre, undeserving teams making the playoffs.  If they're going to expand the playoffs to 14, it's only a matter of time, despite what you hear here, that you expand to 16 to eliminate the playoff bye. Once you get to half the league's teams making the playoffs, you might as well shorten the season and put everyone in the playoffs, a move that would only add one week.  Not that I'm advocating any expansion of the playoffs.

People like Commissioner Roger Goodell and former Colts GM Bill Polian are trying very hard to kill the golden goose known as the National Football League.  Polian's comments can be summed up as:  "More money, more money, more money."

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