Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NPR Polling Shows 8% Nationwide Swing for Romney in Just One Month; Is President Obama Losing His Grip on Oregon?

In examining polls, it is best to compare apples to apples.  A NPR poll released today, showing Romney with a 48-47 lead, provides just that opportunity.   NPR did a poll just a month ago which had President Obama ahead of Romney 51-44.  That's an eight point swing in just a month.

Meanwhile it looks like there may be a new state entering the outer orbit of battleground states.  A poll by the Oregonian released on Sunday showed President Obama's lead in Oregon narrowing to six points. This follows a poll by Hoffman Research last week showing Obama's lead in Oregon down to five points.  In both polls, President Obama is polling at 47%, which is below the all important 50% threshold.  In Oregon, the polls show undecided voters in the double digits, a far higher percentof such voters than is found in battleground states.

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