Thursday, September 13, 2012

Indianapolis Adopting Roundabouts

The Indianapolis Star reports:
In 2013 and 2014, the city will replace a half-dozen intersections — mostly four-way stops that become congested at rush hour — on the Southeastside, Northeastside and Far Northside with roundabouts.

Unlike the larger, more pedestrian-oriented Monument Circle in the center of Downtown, the purpose of roundabouts is to keep traffic moving.

That and better safety is what has made the European standards so popular over the past decade in the United States, particularly in suburban areas. Besides Carmel, other metro communities, such as Fishers and Greenwood, have added roundabouts.
This is Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's best move in office, by far.

In 1994, I worked in Carmel at a law office. Absolutely hated traveling to, from and in hat community. Carmel streets were always terribly congested and it took forever just to go to a restaurant at lunch.  I was constantly waiting in line at stop signs or traffic lights.

The traffic flow has improved so much in Carmel since Mayor Jim Brainard began installing roundabouts in that city.  Brainard, like Ballard, has wasted millions of taxpayer money on subsidizing projects that will never pay off.  But roundabouts are a good investment of taxpayer money in infrastructure, something government should be doing.

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Bradley said...

I am not sure where the Star got their information that Greenwood has roundabouts -- the whole city of 50,000 inhabitants has absolutely ZERO roundabouts at major or secondary road intersections (though the city has plans for 2 new ones I believe). The only roundabouts Greenwood currently has are located in a couple fairly new neighborhoods and one horrible roundabout at the Greenwood Park Mall that must have been designed by a drunkard.

That said, I think the roundabouts on the southside especially will be beneficial as those intersections are horrible right now.