Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Press Release: Carlos May for Congress Names Campaign Staff

Editor's Note:  I typically publish these press releases without comment.  It is good to note though that Carlos May has hired the best media outfit east of the Mississippi - The Englehart Group.  I do not understand why campaigns go out of state to hire firms that produce commercials that aren't half as good as what Blair Englehart and his co-workers produce right here in Indianapolis


Ray Volpe, The Englehart Group

Office: 317-602-3620
Cell: 317-966-7328


INDIANAPOLIS – Carlos May, candidate for U.S. Congress in Indiana’s Seventh District, 
has solidified his campaign structure for the November 2012 election and continues to
gain national attention.

Congressional Candidate Carlos May
with Mitt Romney
Recently, May engaged The Englehart Group in the role of political communications counsel, which consists of advertising, public relations and media consultation for the campaign. In addition, May has named Kyle Babcock as his Senior Consultant to provide campaign consultation and direct his ongoing fundraising efforts. Tony Samuel will serve as the campaign’s Strategic Advisor.

“This team brings significant experience to our campaign,” said May. “Our goal is to use their expertise to help us dpread our message – that we will fight to fix our fiscal crisis and reduce our debt, protect small businesses, and restore individual liberty.”

May’s national profile continues to become more prominent, as well. On August 4, he attended a private fundraiser for presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Evansville, Indiana. During that event, May spent time with Romney, as well as with other statewide and national candidates. He also spoke with former Vice President Dan Quayle about the need for strength and diversity in the Republican Party.
There’s always a challenge when facing an entrenched and well-funded incumbent in an election. In this case, Carlos is receiving well-deserved attention, because he brings fresh ideas and a commitment to true Hoosier values to the Seventh District through his candidacy,” said Babcock. “At a time when our nation faces government intrusion into our daily lives and the imminent implementation of Obamacare, Carlos May will bring common-sense solutions to our community.”

Carlos May is the son of an Army Veteran and a graduate of Wabash College and the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He served Indianapolis as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Latino Affairs and a member of the Mayor’s Cabinet. He actively participates in the Helping One Student to Succeed (HOSTS) reading program and on the Board of Directors of The Boy Scouts of America. Previously, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Beacon of Hope Center for Women. Additional information can be found at



Wilson46201 said...

poor Carlos isn't even trying -- he's only raised $14,255.00 this year and has $4,558.96 cash-on-hand. The incumbent Congressman André Carson raised $765,492.89 and had $489,501.83 cash-on-hand.

M Theory said...

Thanks for saying something, wilson. I've been meaning to send a donation to Carlos.

And don't you forget....Peterson had $3 million about four months ahead of the election and Ballard had $50k.

Remember how that turned out?

M Theory said...

Any of that Carson campaign money coming from U.S. Muslim Brotherhood?

I'm just asking because Carson seems to like those Muslim schools that beat innocent children into fear-based submission. He likes them so much that he wishes our schools were more like them.

I'll have to look when I have more time.

Wilson46201 said...

Shame on you -- religion-baiting now Melissa? "Muslim Brotherhood"?? Marvin Scott tried that junk two years ago and got skunked at the polls. I am sure Carlos May rejects your bigotry ...

Melyssa said...

Wilson? I heard Andre Carson remark about how much he loves Muslim schools and how America should model ours from them. I'm connecting dots and admitted I had not yet done my home work, but I am sure going to do so.

Are you saying Carson has not accepted monies from Muslim organizations, some with terrorist ties?

Let me know...I'm trying to my due diligence here.

And thanks for telling us you don't think of Carlos May as a racist, since you seem to think nearly everyone else is a racist, including me.

M Theory said...

Sorry "religion" baiting.

I watched an hour long BBC special on Muslim schools in London. I watched the teachers berate and abuse the children on hidden camera, Wilson.

Is this the Madrassa school model that Andre Carson wants to use in Indiana for our children?

Is he taking campaign contributions to advance this agenda?