Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Diatribe for Today: We Republicans Need to Stop Defending Fiscal Irresponsibility by Mayor Ballard

I posted this over on Facebook. It proved so popular with people on the right and left, I thought I would also publish it here:
My diatribe for the day: Indy Republicans need to stop making excuses for why it was okay for the Mayor to increase salaries in his office as much as 30% while cutting back on the public safety budget. The Mayor screwed up. If a Democratic Mayor had done what Ballard did, we Republicans would be screaming at the top of our lungs and we would be right for doing so. The fact a Mayor has a Republican jersey on doesn't mean he gets a pass on acting as a responsible steward of the taxpayers' money. We Republican need to demand fiscal responsibility from all our elected officials, not just from the Democrats.


varangianguard said...

"(R)esponsible steward of the taxpayers' money" is a phrase that seems to have been lost in the hurly-burly of party politics on both sides of the political fence around Indianapolis.

Gary R. Welsh said...

To whom are you speaking, Paul? Most of the people involved in the Marion Co. Republican Party aren't Republicans; they're simply people looking for jobs, contracts and favors. Most of the people with political principle long ago gave up on participation in the party organization because they're not welcome.