Saturday, June 2, 2012

90% of Hoosier Adults are Registered to Vote

Crunching the numbers.

According to the Indiana Secretary of State's Office, we have 4,409,890 Hoosiers registered to vote.  Indiana's 2011 population is estimated by the Census Bureau to be 6,516,922.  People over 18%, according to the Census Bureau, make up 75.2% of Indiana's population or 4,900,725 if you do the math.

So out of the adult population of 4,900,725, 4,409,890 of Hoosiers are registed.  That means Indiana has 90% registration. 

Of course that is a ridiculous number.  The fact is our voter registration rolls are filled with people who have died or moved.  The federal National Voter Registration Act (more commonly known as the "Motor Voter Law") passed in 1993 by a Democratic Congress and signed by Democratic President Clinton, has made it very difficult to purge people for not voting.   When purges are attempted to clean up the voter registration rolls, Democrats start screaming about voter suppression.  Pure nonsense.

Oh, and when reading stories about low voter turnout, remember that those numbers are derived at by using highly inflated voter registration numbers.  Those inflated registration numbers make voter turnout appear lower than it actually is.


Kilroy said...

And so what? Is there any affect to this other it makes the voter turnout seem small each election?

Ellen said...

Ditto what Kilroy said: "So what?"

Paul K. Ogden said...

The large number of "dead" names on the voter registration rolls, people who have moved or died, makes voter fraud at lot easier. People are obviously registered in more than one precinct. They could be voting multiple times and detecting that would be virtually impossible.

Then you have the Democrats screaming that we can't have a voter ID law. When you people voting simply by signing a name, people can easily go to precincts and sign in as someone and vote. Again, it would be virtually impossible to detect that fraud. It's extremely rare that a voter is denied because his signature doesn't match what's on the book. In my case, my signature is from when I was 14 years old and signed my social security card. My signature today looks nothing like that.

strawforcongress said...

Why is it that Republicans scream for a voter ID law, and we actually have that ID requirement to register to vote online, we still do not have online ballot access petitions?


We have Democratic district chairs, county chairs, and state committee members forging names for Obama in 2008, even the prosecutor's and Gov. Kernan's signatures!!!

So, we know that it is easy to forge names on paper CAN-19 petitions. But when I as a federal candidate wanted to do it online and in a secure way with e-signatures, the answer from Secretary of State Lawson was "no."

Seems Republicans could care less about fraud when it comes right down to it.

Andrew Straw