Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Chief Justice "Concurs" with Governor Daniels that Marion County's Judicial Slating System is a "Travesty"

Chief Justice Brent Dickson
Following his elevation to the head of Indiana's judiciary, Chief Justice Brent Dickson was asked by Abdul about Marion County slating system, which the payment of tens of thousands of dollars per candidate ($12,000 for Republicans, $13,600 for Democrats) in "slating fees" in exchange for getting an endorsement by the party bosses.  Here is how CJ Dickson responded:
"I am delighted that Governor Daniels used a powerful adjective to say...the current Marion County selection system is a travesty.  I would concur with the Governor on that issue."
I would add that Governor Daniels also said payment of the slating fee for an endorsement amounts to having judgeships "purchased."

Chief Justice Dickson also talks about the Marion County small claims court during his brief interview.  The interview can be found at Indy Politics.


Diana Vice said...

Brent Dickson represented my husband for business interests when he was a Lafayette attorney. I have the utomost respect for Mr. Dickson and was happy to see him named to the top spot on the court.

Irishking23 said...

My, my, my. Calling the Marion County slating system a 'travesty' indeed speaks volumes.

Cato said...

Better yet, we need to remove all party names from judicial elections. The idea that a judge walks into a court having been placed there by a specific set of partisan interests can give nobody faith in an impartial judiciary.

Irishking23 said...

The other 'travesty' is the township small claims court system in Marion County. The way that debt collection system is currently structured and operated encourages violations of federal law by debt collectors.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Irish, he actually mentioned that during the interview too. I think both are destined for change.

I think the SCT is going to put a stop on the the slating fees which will cause the whole slating system to collapse. That's all the county chairman cares about - getting the $$$$ from people wanting to be judge. The qualifications of the people are at best a secondary interest.

Irishking23 said...

I hope that you are right. Please keep the iron in the fire.

Patience, patience, patience. It is hard to continue to wait for changes when those needed changes are so long overdue.

Irishking23 said...

What is wrong with the political commercialization of judges in Marion County? Answer: Everything.