Monday, March 26, 2012

Securities Commissioner Yanked City's Parking Ticket Collection Agency's License Last Year (w/Update)

I'm trying to find out the current status of this.   Last year, Chris Naylor, Securities Commissioner of the Indiana Secretary of State, handed down an "Order of Revocation" revoking the collection license of Citation Collection Services, LLC.  CCS works with the City to collect unpaid parking tickets.  On the City's website are directions of how to pay your tickets to CCS.

In the order, it is noted that "The Staff of the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State, Securities Division ("Staff"), has filed an Administrative Complaint against Respondent Citation Collection Services, LLC ("CCS") alleging a violation of the Indiana Collection Agency Act..."  The order goes on to say that the "Securities Commissioner ("Commissioner), having reviewed the Administrative Complaint and being duly advised, finds that grounds exist under the Act to order the revocation of [CCS's] collection agency license."

Citation Collection Services may have gotten their license back by now.  I won't know until I find out the current status of the case. But at best CCS had its collection license suspended for a time last year., yet I am not aware that the City of Indianapolis ever stopped using the company to collect on outstanding parking tickets.

UPDATE:  I looked at additional documents in the case.  The problem was that CCS did not have a bond covering operations, or had at least not provided evidence of one. By the records I reviewed it appeared that the problem was fixed in early May 2011.  I'm not sure whether CCS ceased collection activity for the 2 1/2 months its collection license was revoked.

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