Monday, March 5, 2012

Lobbyists to Host Ritzy D.C Fundraising Breakfast for Sen. Richard Lugar; Invitation Directs Checks for Lugar Campaign to Be Sent to Energy Lobbyist's Home in Virginia

I found this interesting.  A D.C. fundraising breakfast is being held by a number of lobbyists and corporate types (Hank Armour, Sandy Kennedy, Peter Larkin, Leslie G. Sarasin, Matthew Shaw and Dawn Sweeney) on behalf of Sen. Richard Lugar.  It costs $1,000 for a person to host, $500 for a person to attend.  For PACs, the cost is $2,500 to host, $1000 to attend in person.
Sen. Richard Lugar

But what I found particularly interesting about the invitation is that it directs the checks to be made payable to Friends of Duck Lugar, not at the Indiana post office box the campaign lists as its address with the Federal Election Commission, but rather to 406 Virginia Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia.

According to, 406 Virginia Avenue, Alexandria, Vriginia is a private residence with 2,224 square feet and worth in excess of a million dollars. Further research suggests the home is owned by natural gas lobbyist Chad Bradley of Chad Bradley & Associates.  In the Lugar invitation, recipients are encouraged in the invitation to RSVP to Amy Bradley's email address.  Presumably Amy is Chad's wife.

I am not sure of the legality of having individuals not associated with the Lugar campaign, collecting checks on the candidate's behalf.  Surely one would think after the residency fiasco, the Lugar campaign would show better judgment than to use a lobbyists' Virginia home as the address to mail checks for an Indiana re-election campaign.

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AWB said...

Amy Bradley co-owns Direct Connect Consulting Group, LLC, which is a VA-based fund raising firm. Check her partner's bio.

From Frencessa Cox's bio, who is a partner in Direct Connect Consulting Group, LLC, which is Dick Lugar's fund raising firm.

"Principal Francessa Cox has seventeen years of experience in fundraising and was one of the senior national fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee (DNC)."

It's the company you keep, right?