Friday, March 23, 2012

The Indianapolis Bar Association and the Misleading Request for Information from Me for the Purpose of Conducting a "Survey" Regarding My Candidacy

On Tuesday, I received an unsolicited email from the Indianapolis Bar Association asking for information on me for its website.  Today, I sent to the IBA the information the organization requested.  I received a return email confirming the receipt of the information, telling me it had been posted, and that a survey about me had gone out.

Huh?  I never would never have agreed to that.  I did not know the IBA planned on doing a survey of its members when it requested information from me.  I was told before I filed to run that the time period for doing the IBA survey was long over.  I am totally cool with that.  While there are many great attorneys who are part of the IBA, those surveys can be extremely political and are not remotely scientific.  When those in power want to run down a candidate, they organize to get negative surveys about a candidate sent in.  The fact I did not go through slating all but assures there is going to be a concerted effort by those in power to get me a bad rating that they can use as part of a negative campaign against me.

That's exactly why I would have never participated in an IBA survey of the judicial candidates.  I am deeply unhappy that I was misled, either intentionally or unintentionally, into why this information was being requested from me.  The IBA should not allow itself to be used as part of a political effort to undermine my candidacy.

I would ask that the IBA cease doing a post-deadline "survey" of my candidacy.

For the record, here's the information I provided for the website:
1983-Ball State University, B.S. Political Science; 1987-Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis, J.D.
Judicial Experience
Clerked for the late Judge Paul H. Buchanan, Jr. of the Indiana Court of Appeals from November 1989 through January 1993.   Clerked for Judge Ezra Friedlander of the Indiana Court of Appeals from January 1993 through May 1993.

Significant Legal Accomplishments

Prior to clerking at the Indiana Court of Appeals, I was a Deputy Attorney General.  In that capacity, I represented the State in eminent domain and employment matters. I have also been general counsel for a title insurance agency, served as head of Indiana's Title Insurance Division, and worked in private practice for two law firms and also as a sole practitioner. public's property from the RCA Dome, and litigation to address the illegality of practices involving Indiana's civil forfeiture law.

Other Legal Involvement
While in law school, I was Editor of the law school newspaper, the Dictum, and President of the Student Bar Association.  As a practicing attorney, I have strongly advocated reform of the legal profession and the operation of the courts.  This includes in recent years using my blog Ogden on Politics to speak out on such topics as the need to curtail attorney abuse of the discovery process, problems with the Marion County Small Claims Courts, and my strong opposition to the establishment of another law school, Indiana Tech, which is not needed given the saturated legal job market and depressed associate salaries.
          Personal Statement
I believe judges should do more in terms of embracing technology and making courts more conventient for litigants and their attorneys.  This includes communication with attorneys via email and perhaps allowing filing through electronic mail.I would hold court during the evening at least one day a week to accommodate litigants who have difficult work conflicts.I also plan to schedule bench trials within six months and jury trials within nine months of a request for trial.Finally, I believe in strict adherence to the rules prohibiting judges from weighing the evidence when considering summary disposal of cases. Far too many cases are improperly dismissed without the litigant receiving his or her day in court.


Nicolas Martin said...

It is incomprehensible that attorneys could make an error like this. I'm aghast.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Not sure what error you're talking about Nicolas. I didn't make an "error." I was simply mislead as to what they planned to use the information for.

I know said...


Now you know what they system will do to you when you follow the rules. Your same group of folks drug some of us in front of them and then as you stated at the end of representation stated the law and the courts are not sometimes the place for people who get screwed by the unethical, dishonest and corrupt legal profession in Indiana.

Your honest actions will haunt you for many years to come. You get smiled at by the Bar as some of us got our smiles from the crooked lawyer politicians.

Use this as a we told you so as we got left standing naked on the curb when several legal firms hired by the "BIG" people took upon their "profession" to shut us little people up!

Paul K. Ogden said...

I have since been told by an IBA member that candidates can opt out of the survey. I would be very interested to know who at IBA decided I should be surveyed, against my wishes, which we know is all about getting a negative rating to use against me politically because I'm running against the slate.

I am very unhappy that the IBA is allowing itself to be used in this manner. This weekend I sent two emails to people I know with the IBA (including Mark Rutherford) that I do not want to be part of this survey. I will call them first thing Monday to say the same thing. Let's see if the IBA respects my wishes as the organization has with other judicial candidates who have opted out of the survey.