Friday, March 9, 2012

Columnist Matthew Tully Ignores No. 1 Issue Against Sen. Lugar, Calls Woman a "Jerk With An I-Phone" for Daring to Ask Question of Senior Senator

If you want to know why the Indianapolis Star is losing readers, look no further than Matt Tully's front page column decrying the challenge to Sen. Richard Lugar.  Tully and Erika Smith, the Star's two political columnists, can never seem to find anything controversial in the entire state to write about, generally preferring to write milquetoast puff pieces.   Rather it has been the IBJ, TV stations, and bloggers who have had to pick up the slack, exposing issues and controversies that the Star would apparently prefer not be exposed.  It's not surprising when people look elsewhere for good political commentary.  They sure won't find it in the Star.
Sen. Richard Lugar

Tully's column today is a work in dishonesty.  The column talks about the "distasteful" and "depressing" attacks on Sen. Richard Lugar.  But if you read Tully's column you will notice that he never takes on Issue No. 1 being used against Richard Lugar, i.e. that he doesn't live here, having sold his home 35 years ago and moved to Virginia.

Tully knows perfectly well that he can't address this issue because it would expose his hypocrisy.   He had no problem penning several articles suggesting Charlie White should resign as Secretary of State.  White's offense?  He voted ONCE using his ex-wife's house as his residence when the allegations were he was a resident of his ex-wife's house.  Yet Lugar to this day continues to vote using a northwest side address of a home he sold 35 years ago, signing documents under oath that he is a resident at that address.  Forget for a second that the perjury and voter fraud laws of this state do not have an exception that would allow him, or his wife, to do this, what about the federal constitutional requirement that Lugar be an "inhabitant" of the State when elected?   Lugar can't meet that standard and the Senate can simply refuse to seat him even if he does get elected in November.

To this huge controversy, Tully responds with utter and complete silence.  Tully knows he has no defense to what Lugar is doing, especially after White's conviction, so he chooses instead to simply ignore the issue.  How intellectually dishonest is that?

Then Tully attacks the woman who dared to ask Lugar a question while he entered a high dollar fundraiser.

Yet what inspired this column was an e-mailed news release from a Democratic Super PAC called American Bridge 21st Century. It includes a video of a young woman harassing Lugar as he enters a fundraiser in D.C., and it ridiculously attempts to paint Lugar as not caring about the recent Southern Indiana tornadoes.
Is this really what politics has come to?  A politician as respected as Lugar being hounded on the sidewalk by a jerk with an iPhone? Do some in D.C. really hope to score political points off an Indiana tragedy? 
The millionaires who finance that PAC and the parents of that twentysomething with a camera phone must be so proud of their contribution to democracy.
I would urge people to watch the video themselves.   Did that woman "harass" or "hound" Lugar when he walked into the fundraiser?    She asked ONE question in a very polite way and the Senator answered it as he was walking in the door.  Apparently Tully thinks our senior senator is above answering questions from ordinary citizens.


Society of Socrates said...

Paul: I feel your heat. Your obervations are correct and you hit the nail on the head abut the Star.

patriot paul said...

Tully is entitled to his bias & intellectual dishonesty. This is what he does on the slow days. Heaven forbid he would share a creative thought.

M Theory said...

I'd like to call out Tully's distasteful attack on a citizen.

The Star? It's a joke. I can't name a single person I know who reads it. It's become smaller in size than the newspaper from my hometown of 35,000 people.

And Tully? He's a brown noser.

Indy_liberal said...

Even as a liberal I agree with you 100%, Paul. You are absolutely correct. It's disgusting what the Star has become.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Have you noticed the 180-degree turn mainstream reporters have taken in our lifetimes towards their view of the insiders v. the outsiders? When I first started following politics, reporters were typically hard on those in power and gave voice to the people on the outside who questioned whether their elected representatives were out-of-touch with the people they represent. Today, these reporters are openly hostile to any one on the outside challenging the ruling elite. If you didn't know better, you would think they were on the payroll of the ruling class. I suspect this is a product of the major media giants taking over the mainstream media outlets.

Paul K. Ogden said...

GRW, you are so correct in your observation how many in the media have become insiders when they used to give the voice to the outsiders.

It's stunning that we have Matt Tully occupying the same desk as someone like Dick Cady who wasn't afraid to take on controversial issues and those in power. Tully couldn't be more different than Cady.

marksmall2001 said...

You make excellent points. There is one nuance to Tully's story I found telling. He refers to the woman as a "jerk with an i-Phone." Technology is what has left the Star in the dust. 20 years ago would he have said "some jerk with a mini-recorder"? 30 years ago (he probably was in grade school, but you get the point)would animus have been aimed at "some jerk with a tape recorder"? I dropped The Star because I already, the day before, had read most of the stories in that morning's edition.
Oh, and Hoosiers for Fair Tax: I believe the town to which you refer is 41,000 in population. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've read the sign so many times entering the place. You're right about the size of its paper, though.