Thursday, February 23, 2012

Special Prosecutor Suggests He Will Try to Punish White for "Outburst" About Unequal Application of Voter Fraud Law

Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler
The Indianapolis Star reports that Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler plans to use Charlie White's post-trial comments talking about the unequal application of the voter fraud laws in Indiana to argue for a harsher sentence:
"... But Sigler said he and his team will talk about "the defendant's character and condition," including his comments during the Fox interview.
"Particularly in light of his post-conviction press interview," Sigler said, "we do not see much in the way of mitigation, and we will point that out to the court."
In that interview, White called the jury's verdict "a total miscarriage of justice" and "a perversion." He also accused other politicians, including Gov. Mitch Daniels, of voter fraud.
Brizzi said he's not surprised that prosecutors plan to use the interview against White. However, he said, he hopes people understand that White's comments were made out of "frustration" and "human emotion."
Dan Sigler should be ashamed of himself.  As reported by Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana, Sigler could also have faced the same voter fraud and perjury charges he leveled against White.  As far as other politicians, White is 100% correct that Even Bayh, Sen. Richard Lugar, Governor Mitch Daniels and their wives all vote using Indianapolis addresses when they all admittedly don't live in Marion County. With regard to Senator Lugar, it is particularly appalling as he doesn't even own the house he claims as his "residence," having sold it 35 years ago.

White's prosecution was a political persecution.   Both parties wanted him out of office, the Democrats because they want to claim it for the second place finisher, Vop Osili,  the Republicans because they didn't want to trouble themselves defending Charlie White and Republican Governor Daniels would be able to appoint his own person to the position.

White is exactly, 100% correct that the voter fraud/perjury laws were applied unequally.  They were out to get White, evidenced by the fact he's probably the only person in history ever prosecuted for perjury for the address he put on a marriage application.  Of course, Indiana law requires that the false statement be material for perjury, but that didn't stop Sigler from prosecuting the charge anyway.

At the end of the day, White lost because he didn't put on evidence at trial like he did at the Commission. The jury foreman strongly suggested that such evidence would have resulted in his acquittal.   Nonetheless, the point White made is exactly on point.  Not a single legal expert has come forward with a credible explanation justifying why White gets prosecuted and others doing exactly the same thing gets a pass.  Indiana is a state where criminal laws are applied to the politically unpopular, while popular politicians get a pass.  That's not aCharlie White's embarassment.  That's our embarassment as Hoosiers.


Ben said...

Damn Paul, why you always picking strays. White looks like he had been on a three day crack bender when he was on fox.He was on something for sure.his pupils were the size of quarters.

Im really starting to feel sorry for the little guy. Its obvious that he has some deep seeded issues.

Greg Purvis said...

"Political persecution"? PLEASE. Virtually all of White's criminal case was in the hands of REPUBLICANS.

As to Sigler and Bayh, those allegations were reviewed by the appropriate county prosecutors and they decided there was no basis for charges. And you know it.

You are virtually the only apologist for Charlie White. He knew what he was doing, and got caught, and the actual evidence is pretty damning. And the comparisons to Daniels, Bayh, Lugar, and Sigler are apples and oranges.

Charlie White did this to himself, and thought because of his political position in a county ruled totally by his political party, nothing would happen, that he could do as he pleased.

The legal system WORKED in this case, counselor. Political power and influence has not protected White from the consequences of his own deeds.

PS. Charlie White was reportedly hand-picked by Governor Daniels to run for SOS. So Daniels had his guy in that office all along.

artfuggins said...

Virtually every election expert has commented that Lugar is on solid legal ground on his residency. I don't know what your personal beef is with Lugar but you need to move on. I am not even going to vote for Lugar but even I know that it is time to move on.

Ben said...

The Lugar issue is over, done bye,bye,

Now lets talk about Mourdocks attendance record for required meetings?

Any good journalist will cover both sides of a story

M Theory said...

Gary Welsh reports that Mourdock's office always had someone in attendance at those meetings and that it was not a mandatory thing for him to be at the meetings.

On the other hand, Lugar is a liar and a cheat as evidenced by the false address he uses.

Lugar deserves no less than the scrutiny given Charlie White.

Ben said...

HFFT, Calling Lugar a lie and a cheater.

Classy move.

The three people that happen upon your blog must be so impressed with your political knowledge.

Gee, I guess your invitation to the Grid Iron dinner last night got lost in the mail?

This is now a dead issue, the AG is putting it to bed. May I suggest you find another issue to bitch about while your out looking for a real job

Cato said...

So White got six years for voting. For f-ing voting? This sham ruling and this political prosecution reinforces the common argument made about America: that you have no freedom, that if you're "free," it's only because the government hasn't yet decided to incarcerate you.

You can keep your voting. I don't need it. This farce prosecution ought to terrify every college student who has to choose which residence they really don't live at to use as a voting address, as well as military members, couples in break-ups or separations, divorcees, transients, foreclosure victims, people between leases or houses, the homeless and anyone who lives a non-traditional lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Lugar hasn't lived in Indiana in 35 years, and he's treated like royalty. White gets thrown into the deepest recesses of the gulag for daring to complain publicly that the government seems to be making up the law, as it goes.

This is not free and open government. Sorry, Paul, I'd like to vote for you for judge, but you're risking jail just by walking into a voting booth. Further, the message of this case was clear: If they want you, they'll get you. This case really wasn't about voting. They'll twist every law on the books to get you in jail.

Though Indiana is among the most police-statey of the police states, terrifyingly, this case will drift outside Indiana's borders, as other prosecutors now have a means and some authority for bringing their own political prosecutions.

Indy Rob said...

Charlie White was prosecuted because a lot of people flat out did not care for him. Sigler really dislikes Charlie White; I wonder why?

Senator Lugar may or may not be on solid grounds regarding his residency, but the only group that can disqualify him is the U.S. Senate (and not these election experts). I think that Lugar has enough Senate support (or can get it) so that there is not serious risk in the Senate deciding that he is not a resident of Indiana.
The real question is whether or not his primary opponent or the regular election opponent can make the case that he does not represent Indiana. I think that Senator Lugar ought to be worried.