Thursday, February 2, 2012

Former Congressman David McIntosh Appears Poised to Return to Congress

With Congressman Dan Burton exiting the race for 5th District, it appears that former Congressman David McIntosh becomes the front runner...or at least according to a survey conducted by McLaughlin & Associates that was commissioned by the McIntosh campaign.
Former Congressman David McIntosh

The survey dated January 31, 2012, the day Burton announced his retirement, shows Burton leading McIntosh 37% to 31%.  The other major candidates, former Marion County Coroner John McGoff and former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks, clocked in at 11% and 7% respectively.

The survey suggests that once Burton is removed from the race, most of Burton's voters go to McIntosh by a 38% to 14% margin.  Given McIntosh's conservative credentials as a former Congressman and 2000 gubernatorial candidate, that's not surprising.  McGoff and Brooks are considered to be more moderate and reportedly voiced support for President Obama's bailout of the auto industry at a candidate forum, a position antithetical to the the position of tea party activists and many mainstream conservatives.

It appears that McGoff and Brooks' best hope is that state Senator Mike Delph enters the race and splits the conservative vote with McIntosh.  Delph has solid credentials with the tea party crowd and would be a formidable candidate should he choose to run.  However, the lateness of the Burton retirement announcement has left Delph at a decided disadvantage organizationally should he decide to enter the race.


Ben said...

Three words:

Virginia License Plate

See ya big Mac !

Blog Admin said...

Abdul posted the entire candidate forum online. Some candidates voiced varying degrees of support when it came to TARP and auto bailouts.

You can download the audio here:

I attended the forum myself, but can't specifically remember who said what in regards to various bush and obama bailouts. So I'll just let the audio speak for itself.

Nicolas Martin said...

Has McIntosh endorsed a presidential candidate?

Paul K. Ogden said...


Any congressional candidate endorsing a presidential candidate while running for a hotly contested open seat would be insane.

Paul K. Ogden said...


We have Dan Coats as a Senator and he wasn't living in Indiana.. And we have Richard Lugar who hasn't lived in the state for 35 years. Of course with Lugar he falsifies his BMV documents claiming he lives at the addres he moved out of 35 years ago. So Lugar gets an Indiana plate by lying. That's actually worse.