Sunday, February 5, 2012

Animal Rescure Groups Win Awards

Press Release:

“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work” Win Cash in Rescue Rally

Six all-volunteer animal rescue groups from the Greater Indianapolis area were awarded cash prizes for their rescue of dogs and cats from Indianapolis Animal Care & Control between October 15, 2011 and January 15, 2012. Fourteen groups participated in the second Rescue Rally, sponsored by local animal welfare organization Move to ACT.

Winners and their prize totals were:

1st        Every Dog Counts Rescue                  $2,300.00

2nd        ARPO                                                 1,550.00

3rd        Mended Hearts Rescue                       1,400.00

4th        Lucky Dog Retreat                                 900.00

5th        Flying Herd Dog Rescue                        800.00

6th        Love of Labs                                           450.00

Participants competed to see which could rescue the most dogs, cats, special-needs animals, black dogs and cats, and animals who had spent the most time at IACC. More than 250 homeless animals were pulled from IACC by Rally participants, who found them foster or permanent homes.

Black animals were highlighted because they are often overlooked by potential adopters. Fifty-five black dogs were rescued during the Rally, with the largest number, 28, pulled by Every Dog Counts Rescue.

Physically challenged animals are also among the last to be adopted, and each of the winners listed several among their rescues. Mended Hearts Rescue claimed additional prize money for rescuing a sight-impaired dog, as well as the most cats rescued.

 Pet Supplies Plus donated gift cards to the winners.

 “Rescue Rally is possible because of the generous support of many local businesses and individuals who care,” noted Warren Patitz of Move to ACT. “They recognize that all-volunteer rescue groups use their donations responsibly to achieve results for the animals.

“These groups are the lifeblood of the animal rescue effort. They’re just ordinary people doing extraordinary, life-saving work.”

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M Theory said...

The day after my black cat Sophie died, I adopted another black cat from the Humane Society who had been there for months. His previous owner just dumped him off.

I call him Sebastian and he's the sweetest guy. He is super friendly, very social, and loves it when friends visit. He was slow to adopt because he is black.

I have no idea why someone would abandon a sweet guy like Sebastian.

A couple months later I got a second cat from Bill Levin's wife who fosters orphaned animals. She is a 9 year old long haired black tortoise kitty.

I highly recommend adopting orphaned pets. Black cats make great pets, even if you aren't a witch.

I am very grateful to the people who saved these kitties so I could adopt them.

marksmall2001 said...

I don't want to get on a roll here but---I am forced to say, once again, excellent blog.
And HFFT---we did not know you lost Sophie. She was a wonderful cat.