Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Englehart Group Produces Boots on the Ground Rally Video for Ron Paul In New Hampshire

If you want to know why Ron Paul, one of the oldest individuals to ever run for President, scores so well with young people, this "Boots on the Ground Rally" video produced by local political media guru Englehart Group provides the answer: I particularly like the comment about how the Romney supporters are motivated simply by a desire to get on what they think will be a gravy train. It is so true.

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M Theory said...

This is so beautiful! I am so glad I've been sending money to his campaign all year long. It is paying off.

His supporters created and paid for those super brochures. We buy them in batches of 1000 and pay to have them mailed.

We buy his air time because the media presstitutes are biased and don't give him fair or equal coverage.

We stand on the street corners in the cold and wave his signs

We love liberty!

He is the honorable and wise grandfather and that is why the kids love him so much. We love him because finally we have someone we know we can trust.

RON PAUL 2012.