Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Long Can the Mainstream Media Ignore Lugar's Voter Fraud Problem?; Will Charlie White Sit in Judgment of Lugar?

Yesterday I blogged about the fact that fraud investigator Greg Wright had filed an election fraud complaint against Richard Lugar and his wife, Charlene (Char), with the State Election Commission.   Blogger Diana Vice had first reported the story.

Lugar and his wife, Char, are registered to vote at a northwest side house near 38th and Kessler Boulevard.  They sold the Highwoods Court house decades ago and the house was sold again since then.  The current couple who live at the house are registered to vote there. They do not personally know Richard Lugar or his wife.

Senator Richard Lugar
Lugar admits that he doesn't live at the house.  He stays in hotels when he comes back to Indiana.  Yet when Lugar and his wife have voted, they continue to sign voter absentee and other forms UNDER OATH that they live at the Highwoods Court address.  They are voting in the Wayne Township precinct that they haven't lived in in decades.

There is no exception in the perjury laws or voter fraud laws that would allow Lugar or his wife to do this.  As a result, Lugar and his wife have committed multiple acts of perjury and voter fraud, all felonies.

What Secretary of State Charlie White is accused of  - one election using his ex-wife's address to cast a vote when he allegedly didn't live there (though White has evidence otherwise) - is peanuts compared to what Lugar and his wife have been doing for decades.  Yet when Charlie White failed to show up at a hearing, it is the leading story on the television news and on the front page of the Indianapolis Star. 

But how about Greg Wright's complaint against Richard Lugar.  Did the media pick up on it?  Nope.  The television stations ignored it as did the the Indianapolis Star. 

Ironically Charlie White is on the Commission and would be one of the three on the Election Board deciding the complaint against Lugar. Undoubtedly the Lugar people will press hard for White to step down because of the similarities the Lugar complaint has to the allegations against White.  (Of course that fact alone works against Lugar.)   The fact White could be setting in judgement of Lugar on a very similar voter fraud claim is an angle of the story the news media has thus far missed.

What is the difference between the two stories?  Well, for one the allegations against Lugar and his wife are far more serious than against Charlie White.  Further, they are far more easily proven.  Lugar readily admits the facts constituting multiple felonies, that he's signing documents under oath to vote using a residence he doesn't live at.  His wife is doing the same thing.

Secretary of State Charlie White
The only thing that mitigates against coverage of Senator Richard Lugar's residency flap is that Lugar is a powerful and popular politician.  Charlie White is not. White has been made a punching bag for the media.   There are, however, no consequences for the media attacking White. The media though fears consequences from reporting negatively about a long-time powerful politician like Lugar.

Last year when Fox59 considered breaking this story, the reporter had a meeting with Peter Rusthoven, a partner with Barnes & Thornburg, who also worked with Lugar and still supports him.  Rusthoven apparently went ballistic during their meeting.  I later pointed out to her why Rusthoven's legal positions was full of crap, but it didn't matter. The reporter was so shaken by her encounter with the angry Rusthoven she did not want to go forward with the story.

The news media should not refuse to cover a story for the sole reason that the story would reflect negatively on a popular, powerful politician.  Lugar is a sitting U.S. Senator who is signing documents under oath falsely stating that he resides at a house in which he has not lived in decades.  That is a story.  The media can only ignore it for so long.

Here are relevant documents:

Lugar Registration and Voter Application Record
Richard Lugar Fraud Complaint Page 1
Richard Lugar Fraud Complaint Page 2
Char Lugar Fraud Complaint Page 1
Char Lugar Fraud Complaint Page 2

See also Advance Indiana's take on the story.


rohshack147 said...

I couldnt agree more Paul. I think the Media needs to grow a pair. And go after the RINO-Liberal Lugar and expose him for the hypocrite he is! Same thing goes for Evan Bayh! After all when theire was a sort of expose on PERF and TRF they didnt even look into the possiblity of mismanagement. Same thing with DWD when they got slammed by the USDOL! I predict that you and Gary Welsh and Diana Vice will be the future of the media. If the local press doesnt get off its butt and actually do its job!

foretell said...

You can make allegations against 1,000 politicians if you want. Secretary White is still a louse.

Secretary White does not have the ability to judge anyone. You must have values in order to make a judgment.