Friday, December 2, 2011

Election Fraud Complaint Filed Against Senator Richard Lugar And His Wife For Falsely Stating They Reside At Someone Else's House to Vote in Indiana

We all knew it was coming.  Sen. Richard Lugar has for decades been identifying someone else's house as his residence and signing documents under oath falsely stating he resides there, when he admits he does not.  His situation is about a 1000 times worse than the voter fraud Charlie White is accused of.  Now Lugar has been hit with an election fraud complaint according to Diana Vice who thankfully has returned to the blogging scene:
Senator Richard Lugar
Greg Wright, an Indianapolis resident and Certified Fraud Examiner, filed an election fraud complaint with the Indiana Secretary of State on Wednesday against Senator Richard Lugar and his wife, Charlene Lugar.

Wright alleges that the senator and his wife may have committed multiple felonies for voting in a Marion county precinct, using an address for a home they reportedly do not own.

"It is my understanding that Senator Richard D. Lugar has voted using an 'absentee' ballot that used as his residence a home located at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222," wrote Wright

Wright contends the property "appears to be owned by Elizabeth Hughes" and deeded to David and Elizabeth Hughes in 1989 and quitclaimed from David Hughes to Elizabeth Hughes in 2003.

Wright claims he spoke with Elizabeth Hughes recently who reportedly told him that Senator Lugar "had not lived in the house for 33 years and had no ownership interest in the property.

"She appeared shocked that he used that address as his Indiana residence," wrote Wright while also noting that David and Elizabeth Hughes were also registered to vote using the same address.
To see the rest of the article, click here.

That Lugar was committing felonies by signing documents under oath claiming he resided at 3200 Highwoods Court is something I reported on earlier this year. I linked to Lugar's actual voter registration documents.

In response to my blog postings, some people have pointed to a statute that says you don't lose your residency because of your service in federal government.  The purpose of that statute is to ensure that people in federal government service won't have their residency challenged because they're spending most of their time living and working in the nation's capitol instead of at their Indiana home  Lugar though did not lose his residence in Indiana because of his service as a U.S. Senator.  He lost it because he completely gave up any residence in Indiana.  Lugar has no home in Indiana.  He lives in hotel rooms when he comes back to visit.

Consider this, even if the statute applies to allow Senator Lugar to sign documents under oath his residence is the Highwoods Court address, how does it apply to allow his wife, Char Lugar, to vote in Indiana using someone else's house as her residence?

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Nicolas Martin said...

Five years hard labor seems reasonable.

And to think that the electoral criminal Lugar led a observer mission to the Philippines to make sure there was no vote fraud.

guy77money said...

Lets not forget to throw Evan under the bus since he is no longer a senator and keeps voting under a residence he hasn't lived in in many years.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Exactly Guy77. The law apparently only applies if you are an unpopular politician.

Cato said...

Nothing will happen to Lugar. This is Indiana. In Indiana, they decide the outcome, first, and the law, second.

SSWalton said...

Well not to mention, if I used a false address of where I lived on my drivers license. I could be fined and/ or arrested. Also, he is not even paying property tax in Indiana. It's shocking to me that the government just gets everything handed to them while honest hard working people would be treated like a criminal. That'r right a criminal. Why are they any different than us.