Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kennedy Files Supplemental Report Monday Showing $30,000 More Raised; Democrats Send Out Mailing to Help Out Vaughn Challenger

On Monday, Democratic challenger Melina Kennedy's campaign filed a supplemental report showing another $30,000 raised, including a $10,000 contribution from Ann Stack.  This brings Kennedy's supplemental report total to $234,000 to just $76,263 for Indianapolis Mayor Ballard.

Len Farber
Update on District 3 race between Council President Ryan Vaughn and Democratic candidate Len Farber.   Previously I reported that the Democrats strangely were not putting any money into the race even though the 2010 baseline number showed the district as only marginally Republican.  According to my Broad Ripple sources, residents of District 3 today are receiving mail in support of Farber.  Could it be a last minute, sneak attack to win a district the Republicans had given up on the Democrats targeting?  Possibly I wrote off Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy's approach to the district too soon.  Maybe the plan all along was to tip the balance of the district with a last minute effusion of mail that is too late to be countered.

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