Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indianapolis Mayor Ballard, (Some) Council Republicans to Throw Bars Owners Under the Bus in Expanded Smoking Ban

The Indianapolis Star reports:
City-County Council Republicans plan to introduce an expanded smoking ban in early December, President Ryan Vaughn said this afternoon.

The proposal would add bars, bowling alleys and hotel rooms to Marion County's existing smoking ban. But it would exempt cigar and hookah bars, retail tobacco stores and nonprofit fraternal organizations, including veterans halls.

Democrats will take over majority control of the council Jan. 1 and have been making plans to pursue a smoking ban so that the expanded ordinance could take effect before Super Bowl festivities begin in late January.

But Vaughn says the Republicans' proposal -- if passed at the last meeting of the year on Dec. 19 -- would have ample time to be properly advertised before it takes effect. He said the Democrats, by acting in January once they take control, could run afoul of a state law requiring a period of published notice before a law imposing penalties for violations can take effect.

Vaughn said Mayor Greg Ballard is on board with his proposal, which is still being drafted and would be introduced at the Dec. 5 meeting. ...
Is anyone surprised that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, just a week away from the election, is willing to walk away from a pro-freedom, Republican position that championed the right of Indianapolis bar owners to make business decisions about what is best for their bottom line?  After all, what counts is the Super Bowl.


Roberta X said...

Sorry to see this happen -- but not as surprised as I wish I was.

M Theory said...

Geez...I think we need to private membership speakeasys.

Paul K. Ogden said...

HFFT, it's going to apply to those too. Sorry, no loophole.

guy77money said...

Drink the Kool Aid! It was going to happen and it was just determining when . We want to be a world class (well USA class city) city, it's time to get on the bus and end smoking in public places. Hey I don't agree but the train is leaving and ya got to be aboard.