Sunday, November 6, 2011

Council Candidate Kostas Poulakidas Continues To Show A Complete Lack of Class, Integrity In Campaign

Let's check the District 4 Scales-Poulakidas scoreboard.

Kostas Poulakidas
The Democratic Party puts out two negative mailings on Republican candidate Christine Scales which purport to be post cards written from Scales from Florida, telling voters that if she is re-elected she will continue to spend her time in Florida and ignore her constituents' concerns.   Of course, Scales has near perfect attendance on the council and is a constant presence at neighborhood meetings.    The postcards, which contain a fake Scales' signature are not only horribly false, they are quite possibly a crime under Indiana's forfeiture statute.

Does Scales opponent, Kostas Poulakidas, criticize the mailings?  Absolutely not.

The Republican Party then puts out a negative piece on Poulakidas which, according to Scales contain false and misleading information.

What does Christine Scales do?  She issues a heart felt apology about the mailing.

Does Poulakidas, who again has never apologized for the fake Florida post cards sent out by his party, thank Scales for her apology?  No, he uses the apology to launch another attack on Scales.

Apologize Only If You Mean It.

The last week of the campaign has been a tough one. Many of you have called or emailed us about the ugly mail pieces that our opponent has sent to your home about us and our family. We appreciative the support and kind words expressing that they are “so unbelieveably (sic) untrue and hurtful."

We also appreciate our friends throughout District 4 sending us the email that our opponent sent to them yesterday attempting to apologize for these hurtful attacks – you can see her email below. Some have let us know that your decision to give us your support and vote was made as soon as you saw this ugliness.

We believe it is important to forgive people, but we also believe once a mistake is made you need to be responsible for it. While it is clear that these ugly attacks are causing Mrs. Scales more harm than she expected, she should also be honest in her apology to you:

• Mrs. Scales says to you that she did not authorize the attack mail, but yet she paid for them to mailed out. Disappointing.

• Mrs. Scales says it was never her desire to respond negatively, but yet she did.

• Mrs. Scales admits she sent these attacks only to clear up her record, but yet she doesn't even talk about her record in the mailings.

• Mrs. Scales said she “implored others" not to attach us but, alas, had no control over not just one attack, but all three. If she can't control her own campaign, what does that say about her and her ability to lead?

• But most disappointing is that she says she has always served with “integrity.” But when Mrs. Scales ran in 2007 for this position, she made a public pledge with her opponent, who is a neighbor and dear friend of our family, not to use negative attacks. Her opponent kept her word, but right before Election Day 2007, Mrs. Scales send out negative and completely false attacks against her. Mrs. Scales won that election by only 1%. When asked why she broke her promise, Mrs. Scales said “I could not stop them.” Four years later, she does it again.

When a mistake is made, you take full responsibility. The value of an apology comes from it being sincere. Asking for forgiveness means you won’t do it a second time. These are the values we teach our children, but yet these are not values we have in our elected officials or in Mrs. Scales.

While we may forgive Mrs. Scales (a second time), we cannot re-elected her to represent us, our families and what we expect from our elected officials. Please help us clear our name by forwarding this email to your friends and neighborhood associations. It is important.

We have worked hard together, and we will do good together – but we must also vote together.

-- Kostas and Madeline Poulakidas
Poulakidas undoubtedly knows how campaigns in competitive districts are run.  The candidate does not get pre-approval of pieces before the party sends out the mailings.    Further, the notion that Christine Scales specifically cut a check to the party to send out the mailing, is also a complete misrepresentation of how these mailings work.

Christine Scales is a nice person, a fact Poulakidas has no problem exploiting.  She is too nice of a person to call Poulakidas out on his cheap shots.  I, however, have no such limitation. 

Poulakidas has already sent out a mailing in which he criticized Scales for voting against a tax increase that was to be used to give more money to Indianapololis' professional sports owners, including billionaire Herb Simon, owner of the Pacers.  (Scales also voted against giving millions more to the Pacers for operating Conseco Fieldhouse, a taxpayer-owned facility for which the Pacers get 100% of the revenue.  Undoubtedly Poulakidas would have voted for this giveaway too.) Poulakidas represents the elites in this city who want more tax dollars from working men and women who are struggling in the worst economy since the Great Depression. 

But this campaign he has proved himself to be even more than that.  Kostas Poulakidas has proven he is a classless, dishonest jerk.  The choice in District 4 is a no brainer.  It is Christine Scales.

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