Thursday, October 20, 2011

There Is No Cold In Baseball; World Series Late Games Ignore Need for Young Fans

Last night the World Series between the Cardinals and Rangers began in St. Louis.  The temperature at the start of the 8 pm game was around 45 degrees.  Before the game was over, the temperature had dipped below 40.

St. Louis Busch Stadium
(not taken last night)
There is nothing I like more than sitting in the sun, attending a baseball game.  But when the weather is cold, being at the ballpark is a positively miserable experience for players and fans alike.  Indianapolis has similar weather to St. Louis, which is only a few hours directly west of our city.  Imagine what it would be like to attend an outdoor baseball game today given the cold, wet, and windy weather we are experiencing.  Now imagine what it would be like at night.  Awful

A further problem is that the game, which started at 8 pm, ended well after 11.  The 3-2 pitching duel will be one of the briefer games played.  Some of the games will last until nearly midnight.  Major League Baseball needs to cultivate younger fans.  How does MLB expect to attract those younger fans if the World Series games are played so late that those young fans can only watch the start of the games?

Bring back scheduled double headers so the season can be end at least two weeks earlier.  Play World Series games earlier so young kids can stay up and watch the games.  Play World Series games during the day on weekends. 

Baseball is a great sport.  Unfortunately the leaders of the sport have no understanding of what is good for the game long-term health of the game.


Crossed said...

Its all about the TV people wanting programming so they dont have to pay writers and others for original production pieces. There is no reason MLB needs to be in October. There is no reason NFL needs to be in February. And most of all, there is no reason the NBA needs to be in June.

Cato said...

The game started at 5 in L.A.

Jeff Cox said...

Don't West Coast viewers count?

Paul K. Ogden said...

MLB is trying to please everyone with the late start. Most of the U.S. is in the Eastern and Central time zone though. You can't please everyone. People in the west should take off a couple hours early.