Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marion County Democratic Chairman Accuses Ballard Campaign of Calling City Workers at Their Jobs

Marion County Democratic
Chairman Ed Treacy
Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy yesterday issued a press release accusing the campaign of Mayor Ballard of making phone calls to city workers at their offices in the City building.  According to Treacy:
[d]istraught city employees have come forward with accusations that Mayor Ballard’s campaign made calls to offices in the City-County Building. Recorded voicemails, obtained by the Marion County Democratic Party and available for the media, exaggerate the Mayor’s record and urge city officials to display yard signs in support of the Mayor.
The press release goes on to imply there is something nefarious going on with the calls, then Treacy sort of contradicts that when he suggests the calls were as a result of a "sloppy" campaign.  I agree with the latter assessment. It is inevitable that phone banks often end up calling people that shouldn't be called.  However, since city workers generally have phone numbers with the same prefix, the Ballard campaign should have been able to easily identify those individuals who should not have been called at their jobs.

I notice Treacy did not get much play with the press release.  Treacy and Republican county chairman Kyle Walker both have the same problem.  They are so prone to screeching out exaggerated claims that when they finally have a legitimate issue to raise, reporters do not take them seriously.  They would be well advised to tone the rhetoric down and build some rapport with reporters rather than send out periodic screeching press releases.

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Pete Boggs said...

The problem with both parties, is one of cognitive dissonance or a disconnect with their stated "principles."