Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indianapolis Power Brokers Begin to Bet Heavily on Melina Kennedy to Win; Challenger Outraises Mayor Ballard $204,000 to $76,263 in Large Contributions Reported in Last 11 Days

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard
Melina Kennedy
Under Indiana law, candidates receiving large contributions ($1,000 or more) after the deadline for pre-general election reports (25 days before the election), have to report those contributions in a supplemental-large contribution report within 48 hours.   These last minute, large contributions are usually the power brokers in the City trying to "bet" on the winner.  

A review of supplemental reports reveal that the big bets are starting to go to Melina Kennedy.  Since October 18th, Kennedy has outraised Ballard in large contributions, $204,000 to $76,263.  That is about a 2 1/2 to one advantage. In the reports filed in the last four days it is even more significant.  In the reports filed 10/26 to 10/29, Kennedy reported raising $156,500 in large contributions while Ballard reported $46,263.

Here is an itemization of those reports, including in parenthesis the largest contribution for that period when it is significantly large:

10/28:  $81,500 total (including $30,000 from John Gregg for Governor Committee and $25,000 from the Victory 2011 PAC)

10/26  $75,000 (including $19,000 from Commit to Indianapolis PAC)

10/24:  $6,000

10/21:  $18,000

10/19:  $16,000 (including $15,000 from UAW Victory Fund)

10/18:  $1,000

10/29:  $6,000

10/28:  $12,000

10/27:  $8,263

10/26:  $20,000

10/25:  $4,000

10/22:  $16,000

10/20:  $8,000

10/18:  2,000

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Greg said...

But Ballard won, so who are the real power brokers here? Ballard had far more ads on TV than Kennedy. And again, who won? Who is really the evil one in control here?