Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Indianapolis Councilor Introduces Resolution Opposing Georgia Street Name Change

Councilor Angela Mansfield
 IBJ reports:
A City-County councilor has joined the growing opposition to the city’s controversial push to rename Georgia Street in downtown Indianapolis.

Democrat Angela Mansfield submitted a resolution that could be heard at the Oct. 3 City-County Council meeting. It urges Mayor Greg Ballard and the Metropolitan Development Commission to “cease and desist from all efforts to rename Georgia Street.”

City and community leaders began considering the name change for the 190-year-old street earlier this year after construction crews began a massive $12 million streetscape overhaul of the three-block stretch. The idea, they said, was to create a fresh identity for the street in time for the city’s hosting of the 2012 Super Bowl on Feb. 5. The project is designed to create a major public gathering place between the Indiana Convention Center and Conseco Fieldhouse.

But opposition to a name change is mounting, evidenced by Mansfield’s resolution and a Facebook page created by Joan Hostetler to make a case against the rebranding.

"I’m not big on changing street names,” Mansfield said Wednesday morning, “and even more so on this one because it’s a historic name.”

The street is listed on the 1821 Alexander Ralston “Plat of the Town of Indianapolis” and it is home to the city’s oldest hotel, the Omni Severin (98 years) and its oldest Catholic church, St. John the Evangelist (140 years).
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Kudos goes to Council Mansfield for doing this.  As a history buff, I appreciate her standing up for this City's history which only goes back a couple centuries. 

It's apparent that although the name change is unpopular, Mayor Ballard is intent on doing it anyway, even though it will happen just a few weeks before an election. Will Republican councilors who are almost all in tight races back Ballard's unpopular position or do the right thing and support Mansfield's resolution?  I'm not holding my breath.


varangianguard said...

Joan Hostetler is my hero on this (because she remains above the snarky fray, for one thing).

Indianapolis Observer said...

There's absolutely no good reason for changing the name of the street, unless making it invisible on Google maps and GPS systems in time for the Super Bowl is the goal.

What idiots thought this up?