Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indianapolis Council Candidate Vop Osili's Press Release and New Video

OGDEN ON POLITICS' NOTE:  Below is a press release from Vop Osili.  The video is outstanding, one of the best commercials of the season.  Again, the disclaimer that publishing press releases and commercials are not to be taken as my support of the candidate featured.

For More Information, Contact:  Trish Whitcomb, 812-767-2050


INDIANAPOLIS – Vop Osili knows City-County Council District 15 very well. In fact, he grew up right in the heart of Haughville, just west of downtown Indianapolis. Now, he’s running to represent District 15 on the City-County Council – and in a new video, Osili walks through Haughville, visits his childhood home, and reflects on growing up in that working-class neighborhood.

Council Candidate Vop Osili
In the video, Osili emphasizes how living in Haughville as a child impacted his life: “It
helped to shape who I am and helped to shape what I believe makes for a great community.”

He continues by stressing how important strong communities are in building a strong city. “Indianapolis is made right here in our communities, right here in our neighborhoods, right here in places just like this,” Osili says. “And I’m so proud to have been from here, to have grown up here, and to have gotten the values that I’ve gotten from here – about family and community and neighborhoods.”

Osili remains optimistic about the future of Indianapolis and District 15, closing the video with his belief that “We can do better. Together, we can do this.”

To see his new video, go to

To learn more about Vop Osili and the values he will bring to the City-County Council, visit


Ben said...

The Vop Osili video is very good.Kind of gives you the feeling that he's not a politician,but just a regular guy.

Paul, was that commercial done in High Definition,it looked very colorful?

M Theory said...

I drove through Lockerbie this morning on the way in to the office and saw several of his signs peppered throughout the neighborhood.