Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Wallace Releases New Commercial

Press release with new commercial from the Wallace for Governor camp.  I'm going to try to do a better job publishing these for candidates in the Indy Metro area, regardless of party.  I should say that my publishing press releases and commercials from candidates is by no means to be considered by endorsement or support for that candidate.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate
Jim Wallace
INDIANAPOLIS – In a new campaign video released today, Jim Wallace discusses what he’s heard from Hoosiers while traveling around the state and how he’s best positioned to be the next Governor of Indiana.

According to Wallace, “Hoosiers are tired of the games being played in Washington. We need a real Hoosier with real business experience running this state.” Wallace has those credentials, having spent 22 years creating jobs, reducing taxes and improving communities for Hoosier families.

Wallace acknowledges that Indiana has made progress, but states that there’s still a great deal to do. “Our cities and towns are struggling with economic development and Hoosiers need jobs,” he says.

As Governor, Wallace will continue to visit communities throughout the state to talk to Hoosiers and get their input on what’s important to them. “I’m gonna roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty, and not worry about messing up my hair.”

To see his new video, go to:

To learn more about Jim Wallace and his commitment to Hoosier families, visit


rohshack147 said...

I swear when is Mike Pence going to wake up and start campaigning! At this rate he will lose the primary in a landslide! I was curious what you and maybe some of your readers think. Would it be worse for the GOP here if Pence loses the primary or just narrowly wins? I mean if this race continues at this rate thoose would seem to be the most likely outcomes. And also what primary scenario helps John Gregg the most and why?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Pence has broader support and is better able to raise money so that probably woudl make him a better candidate. But if Wallace is nominated, he too should have the Republican support.

I don't know enough about Wallace's position to know how he woudl match up against Gregg. Gregg will be tough for either candidate. Folksy, down home moderate Democrats draw support from working class Republicans who might otherwise support the GOP candidate.

In the end though I think the R candidate, Pence or Wallace, would have the edge over Gregg.