Monday, July 18, 2011

Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Group Issues Position Paper Against Broad Ripple Parking Garage

Proposed Broad Ripple Parking Garage
Meridian Kessler Neighbors Helping Neighbors opposes the construction of a proposed parking garage subsidized by the City of Indianapolis using public funds.

1. The Broad Ripple Village Parking Study, by Walker Parking Consultants, August 3, 2007, funded by the Indianapolis Bond Bank, determined there is no parking shortage in the Broad Ripple area until after 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and only in several individual blocks.

“Overall, the peak occupancy occurred during the 11:00 p.m. count on a weekend, with 63% occupancy. While this alone does not represent a parking problem, we see that several individual blocks experienced higher occupancy in the core area”. (Walker’s study, p. 17)

2. We believe the proposed parking garage constitutes a “want” by narrow interests rather than a true “need” for the city. Also, any alleged parking deficiency has been self-imposed by the commercial businesses and the Broad Ripple Village Association. The variances and permits which have caused inconvenience for some have been readily “rubber-stamped” by the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Marion County Alcoholic Beverages Board. The $6.4 million in public funds should instead be spent on true public needs and not, in essence, be donated to a group of business owners which have dismissed and ignored the root causes of the localized excess demand for auto parking.

3. Recent news reports (in the Indianapolis Business Journal) and several watchdog blogs (e.g. Advance Indiana, Ogden on Politics, and Had Enough Indy) have sharply criticized the garage plan based on its poor location, excessive cost, lack of transparency by city officials and undue political influence.

In summary, the proposed parking garage, heavily subsidized by public funds, would only further encourage late-night consumption of alcohol and the further proliferation and densification of alcohol permits in the over-saturated Broad Ripple “entertainment district”. Instead, the community would increasingly suffer the negative effects of alcohol abuse, including crime, bodily injury and property damage as well as an increase in vehicular and pedestrian accidents. In addition, there is no identified proven need for a parking garage.


bill levin said...

I am surprised you did not include the political contributions of $25K from KEYSTONE CONSTRUCTION to BALLARD re-election fund. That is one of the things that "WE THE PEOPLE" find a Little disturbing. This was a fixed deal from the go get.

- Do you smell that? nothing in the worlds smells like that son... I LOVE the smell of corruption in the morning. Nothing else in the world smells like it.....someday this election will be over....

So you have a wonderful morning there Pauli.. enjoy the Day.
Happy Monday!

Cheers n Love to All.
bill levin
lover, lobbyist, and politician in waiting.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I agree, Bill, but I was just publishing their position paper. I've already written about how this whole deal smells .

Cato said...

Oh, and here's the great f-ing irony. If they opened the Marathon lot on weekends for parking, much or all of the "need" they show would vanish.

It's a big lot. I doubt they could fill the entire thing.

They're keeping it closed deliberately.

If the bar owners want more traffic, let them buy the lot and build a garage with their own cash. You don't need a lot to go to Chelsea's, and people aren't going to use the garage to shop there, anyway. This is a bar-hopper's garage.

Plus, why should the Indy taxpayers be subsidizing Broad Ripple bars? I'm sure other bars around town would like subsidizing.

Frankly, I don't mind Broad Ripple having a natural capacity. The bar crowd is scummy and rude enough, as it is. This is a residential neighborhood, not Bourbon St.

Westfield is a small street. 62nd is a small street. You can't turn left from northbound College to Westfield.

This is just a bad idea, all around. It's just an excuse to use government as a tax revenue pass through.

marksmall2001 said...

Might I add that one factor to consider in parking garages is crime. I know the plans call for a police sub-station to be on the ground floor of the place, but I do not think that wold affect what goes on upstairs or in the surrounding area.

M Theory said...

Bill Levin has my vote for City Council!

If there is anyone who knows BR, it is Bill.

I agree that we don't need that garage or another deal for a Ballard crony.

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