Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Former Senator Even Bayh Appointed to Board of Directors of Marathon Oil Company

Former Senator Evan Bayh
Former Senator Evan Bayh said last year he decided to leave the Senate because of the increasing tumultuous nature of partisan politics in Washington, D.C.  I wasn't persuaded then that Bayh was candid about his motives and I was further skeptical of the timing of his decision which ensured that insiders picked the nominee instead of Democratic primary voters. Unfortunately, Bayh never received critical press questioning his real motives for retiring and when that decision was actually made.

Since leaving, Bayh accepted an analyst position with FoxNews (much to the chagrin of liberals) and he took a lobbying position with the United States Chamber of Commerce.  Today, Marathon Oil announced that former Senator Bayh has joined its board of directors.

Hmmm, maybe, just maybe Bayh left to cash in on his political influence?

Thanks to Doug Masson's blog for pointing out this new development.


Nicolas Martin said...

A member in good standing of the corporatist state.

rohshack147 said...

I swear just when I think Bayh cannot be even more of a hyporcrite. He manages to surprise me! Thanks Doug, Paul and Gary for having the honesty to report on this mans duplicity. I think that you three should look into his time as governor. You will find some interesting things especially in regards to the Teachers Retirement Fund and also him trying to outsource certain functions of state government. I have talked to many other readers of your blogs and they agree they would like to see more in depth coverage of Bayh, the current admin and Senator Lugar especially in regards into how he really was as mayor of Indianapolis.

JeffW said...

"...Bayh cannot be even more of a hyporcrite(sic)..."

Hypocrite? No. Politician? Yes.

Really? Like this is a shocker. Anyone who thinks "To serve my country" is the reason folks run for Federal office is naive at best.

Nicolas Martin said...

The constitution should be amended to erect a wall of separation between commerce and state.

Pete Boggs said...

From Board of Detractors to Directors?