Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitten Attacks Speedway Man; Police Stop Murder Investigation to Take Feline Into Custody

The Indianapolis Star reports:
A Speedway man was recovering this morning from a kitten bite to his thumb.

Craig Wyatt, 24, called police Thursday afternoon after a kitten in a woodpile nipped him on the right thumb, according to a Speedway police report.

Wyatt said the feline bit him when he tried to tie a string around its neck. When police arrived the kitty was tied to a tree.

Officer Chris Helmer described the cat in a report as “very calm and nonaggressive unless it was provoked.”

Helmer said Wyatt had a puncture through his right thumbnail a puncture on the bottom of his thumb.

The Speedway Street Department took the cat away and Wyatt filed a bite report.

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