Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Cogressional District 7 is 58.1% Democratic

Proposed Congressional Map for Indiana

See previous post for methodology.

Marion County in 2010 had a 55.5-45.5 majority Democratic baseline.  I ran the number on the proposed new 7th Congressional District.  It is 58.1-41.9 majority Democratic.  So the 7th is more Democratic than the county as a whole.  (Which means that the northside territory cut out of the district was actually marginally Republican.)  Although I didn't have the precincts to do the numbers for the old 7th compared to the new, since the map traded slightly Republican area for heavily Republican area, heavily I think my guess that the new 7th is marginally closer than the old district is right on the mark.

To see which congressional district your precinct is in with the proposed map, click here.

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