Friday, April 8, 2011

Channel 6 Reports Problems at City Animal Shelter Continue

Of all the Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard appointees, I was most impressed with Doug Rae appointed as head of Animal Care and Control.  He was dedicated to his job, brought innovative ideas to the position and seemed genuinely interested in doing more than killing animals.  Rae didn't last long and was replaced by Attorney Teri Kendrick.

If you missed it Joanne Massey of Channel 6 yesterday did a good piece on the southside Animal Shelter.  It continues to be plagued by problems:
Indianapolis Animal Care and Control is once again under fire for what critics call horrendous conditions inside the overcrowded shelter.

Photos provided to 6News' Joanna Massee show urine and feces on the floor in the adoption room, urine on the floor in the hallway and dogs being kept in crates inside the facility's garage.

"They're housing sick animals with healthy animals in the same cages. You have cats attacking other cats, litter boxes overflowing before they're even getting cleaned. It's awful," a person who has worked for the department and has current knowledge of the conditions told Massee under the condition of anonymity.

Veterinary technician Maureen Owen, who treats animals from the shelter at Allisonville Animal Hospital, told Massee she refuses to go inside Animal Care and Control due to the conditions.

"The diseases that are coming out of there are horrible. Every single animal that we have pulled out ... have become ill or are ill when they come," Owen said. "These animals are covered with feces and urine when we get them. You can tell they've been wallowing in their own filth."
To see the rest of the article or view the video, please click here. 

Also Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana has written extensively on the subject.  Here are thre stories he's written since Doug Rae was fired:

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Gary R. Welsh said...

They must have stepped up the killing to get that overflow area cleared of any animals before they let Kenney in with her camera crew.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Actually it was Massey...I get them confused too.

Yeah, I bet they really cleaned the place up if they knew a tv reporter was coming.

David Horth said...

IACC is horribly underfunded and your individual blogs would be tremendously useful in raising awareness on that issue. Unless and until a fair budget is authorized the conditions at IACC will not substantially change.

Teri Kendrick, Amber Myers, Darcie Kurtz, and Adam Garrett are gifted and compassionate managers and their dedication is very impressive. The agency is lucky to have them. That said, they have got to have more money to work with. Period.

You two appear to be substantially listening to individuals who are grinding axes and little more. Take a deeper look please. Take a look at the budget. It's pathetic.

Blog Admin said...

Teri might be gifted and compassionate, but I don't know anything on her resume that qualifies her to be the head of animal control. She's a lawyer, and before this, she was working in Corporate Counsel.

Unigov said...

(As usual I have a different take, and I don't mean to tick you off Paul !)

I agree that the shelter should keep animals in a healthy environment and have means of (1) identifying lost animals using the web and the "chip" (2); keeping animals for a period of time until lost animals can be reclaimed (3) placing animals for adoption or fostering. I support using tax money to insure that strays are collected and kept safe for a short period of time, so that they can be found by their owners, or adopted. Beyond that I don't care if they're put down or not, because they are *animals*. Some humans have it worse than animals at the IACC - compare it to the county jail and state prisons, or cheap nursing homes.

So, I consider No-Kill folks to be either (a) afflicted or (b) in pursuit of a broader and dangerous goal. What is it about no-kill fans that makes them so upset about animals being euthanized ? How is putting a dog down at a shelter, different from putting a pig down at a slaughterhouse ? No-kill fans are so intense about animals but I'd bet 98% of them are "pro-choice", meaning they value animal life above human life. This is the broader goal among the hard-core no-kill set, to equate animal life with human life, and if you don't believe it, here's a law school moving our vapid populace in that direction: