Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard Bills Ogden for Re-Election Campaign

Since nobody on the Ballard campaign has apparently ever worked on a political campaign before, let me give them a lesson.  When a candidate is doing a campaign mass mailing, the campaign staff is supposed to have a list of public people who oppose the candidate who they do not want to receive the mailing.  It takes less than a half hour to screen the mailing and it is time well-spent.  Otherwise you end up looking incredibly foolish when a personalized solicitation goes out to an opponent and it ends up in the media.  For example, Sen. Richard Lugar doing a fundraising letter to Republicans elected officials and mailing one of those letters to his opponent Richard Mourdock.  The Lugar people would know not to do something that stupid..  Ballard's campaign...well apparently not.

I received the same bill for the Greg Ballard re-election campaign as Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana reported receiving. So the Ballard campaign has now mailed his two harshest public critics a solicitation for money for his campaign.  This is yet more evidence of an incompetent campaign.

I love Gary's explanation as to why he won't contribute, so let me reprint in full here:
I've seen peculiar solicitations from politicians over the years, but the one I received in the mail today from Mayor Greg Ballard takes the cake. The plain white envelope came addressed to me with "STATEMENT ENCLOSED" emblazoned over my name and address. When I opened the envelope, I found a cut-off document at the top entitled "2011 Annual Support Statement", complete with a tracking code and suggested payment of $500.00 or other small denominations. Below the statement was a letter from Ballard:
I'm excited to share with you that I recently announced that I will seek a second term as Mayor of Indianapolis.

This was a very personal decision for me, Gary, but I was encouraged by the support of my wife, Winnie, and by hundreds of good people from all walks of like throughout the county who know what a difference our team has made for the city we love . . .

Can I count on you to join me again as a valued member of the Ballard campaign team in 2011?
Sorry, Greg, but I'm not feeling the love and would never make the mistake of supporting you for any elective office again, particularly Mayor of Indianapolis, after you broke virtually every campaign promise you made four years ago as a candidate. I don't need a bill sent to me for your re-election; I'm already paying dearly in higher taxes, higher water and sewer bills and higher fees. If I want a tax-and-spend liberal who runs the city as a Pay-To-Play racket for all of the city contractors making lots of money at my expense, I'll vote for someone else. In other words, don't tell me the dog's tail is wagging, explain why it's biting my hand.
Yeah, Greg, don't expect a check from me either.   I'm too poor from paying your 100 plus tax and fee increases, higher sewer bills, and for all those insider, pay-to-play schemes your administration has hatched to screw over the city's taxpayers.  We do not need another four years of a big spending liberal who is a Republican in name only.


Blog Admin said...

Sometime last year, Ballard sent out a fundraiser letter shortly after the water deal was passed. It was addressed to my grandfather who died several years ago. Wilson Allen also reported receiving the same letter.

Hey, I'm fine with them wasting a few cents mailing me useless junk.

donnie harold harris said...

Let let that Public Party Independent liberal tea party candidate ,take a run for it/ said...

I recall Johnny Carson reading a political solicitation sent to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

"Dear Mr. Chicken . . . "

Having been in the direct mail business for over 25 years, I sympathize with those prepping the mail. List-scrubbing is an imperfect science.

M Theory said...

I'm not paying this "bill".

I remember during the 2007 campaign, I scraped up every cent I had on hand to help with his campaign.