Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Press Release - Brandon Johnson Press Conference

Subject: Press Conference Brandon Johnson - Indy Does Not Deserve To Host Super Bowl

Tomorrow, Saturday there will be a press conference at Brandon Johnson's mother's home. We are asking the community to come and stand with the family. We are our brothers keeper. The specifics are as follows:

What: Press Conference
Where: Brandon's Johnson's home, 7758 Mountain Stream Way
When: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 1:30PM
Contact No.:  317-683-6808

Invitees: Pastor Stephen Clay Baptist Minister's Alliance, Rev. C.L. Day Concerned Clergy, Crystal Ratcliff NAACP, Joe Slash Urban League, Pastor Jeffrey Johnson Eastern Star, Bishop T.G. Benjamin Light Of The World, Pastor Charles Harrison Barnes UMC, Black Police Officers and more.

Documents To Be Distributed:

• Search Warrant

• Affidavit justifying the search warrant

We have obtained a legal opinion from three lawyers. All of the lawyers are of the same opinion that the warrant that justified the search of Brandon's mother's home is short of being legal!! At this press conference we will let the public know how we will proceed. With this type of behavior, Indianapolis does not deserve to host a Super Bowl.



Blog Admin said...

Hopefully you can host the search warrant on some web space or Google Docs. I'd like to see what it says.

M Theory said...

Are white people invited too?

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

What the heck does Brandon Johnson have to do with professional football entertainment?

Cities never "deserve" to host a Super Bowl. They bid to do so; decisions are financial (ie, will the NFL make lots of money?) and have nothing to do with the quality of law enforcement in a community.

Downtown Indy said...

Nick and Lisa Allemenos didn't deserve to be killed by Ajabu's son, either.

Paul K. Ogden said...


That's completely irrelevant to the issue at hand regarding thefishy search of the Brandon Johnson residence and the phony, picture of a gun possession charge.

Paul K. Ogden said...

HITH, Yeah, I wasn't real keen with the Super Bowl reference either, but it wasn't my press release...I just agreed to publish it. And yes, HFFT, of course "white people" are invited. I don't understand the comment.

Unigov said...

This is verbatim from Ajabu's current blog post:

"What is Prosecutor Terry Curry doing? Public Safety Director Frank Straub stated publicly that Curry was in on the decision to invade Brandon’s mother’s house. Surely you are kidding me!!

Thomas Hardy killed a IMPD police officer. Is he the hero for which we have been looking?? I’m just asking."

That suggests Ajabu considers Thomas Hardy a hero. This is pathetic.

Ajabu also states in that post -

"What should be the position of Christians on the invasion of Brandon’s home and Libya’s country? Yes the local is reflected in the global. Blacks in Africa and Blacks in America, WE ARE ONE!!"

There are very few black people in Libya.

Pete Boggs said...

Like all of us, Mr. Ajabu is at war with his demons.

Guilt is a saboteur of redemption, that which perhaps eludes the loving father of a son he regrettably led astray, for whom he seeks, equally elusive, real time, this life, resolution. Mr. Ajabu's exploration of faith is part of that journey, which appears to be derailed by a frustration with earthly timing & the reflexive haunting of racist demons, broad brush delusions of a tortured soul blinded by fear.

Seriously?! said...

Are you kidding me?! The fact that it was signed by a judge makes it a legal seach warrent. If nothing was found then charges dismissed. Obviously something was found so therefore the warrent had SOME value. People need to stop trying to make this punk out to be some saint that the city of Indianapolis is out to get. He tried to bully a cop, got what he deserved, an arrest, and now is still breaking the law. OH boo hoo that the cops are doing their jobs and arresting you again! Try stop breaking the freaking law and maybe the cops would stop coming in your house! Ogden I can't believe you actually support what Ajabu is trying to do to this kid.

Ghostwriter Judiciary said...

You don't seriously mean the warrant was legal because the police found something? If that were the case, there would be no reason for a warrant. Police could just bust into your house and arrest you when they find something illegal, with no reason whatever to suspect that illegal activity was taking place.

I have read this search warrant affidavit. It is missing a lot of details necessary to establish cause for the search.

Ellen said...

Who was the judge who authorized the search warrant?

Seriously?! said...


no the fact a judge signed it makes it legal. them finding something just shows there was merit to it. there are lots of legal warrents issued where there is nothing found. that doesn't make the illegal.

Ghostwriter Judiciary said...

Wrong. The fact that a judge signs it does not mean it is legal. Here's the way it usually goes:
Cop: I've need a search warrant. Sign here.
Judge: okay (signing).
Searches are thrown out all the time because the facts alleged in them are not sufficient.

Ghostwriter Judiciary said...

I can't quite read the handwriting, but it appears to be Patrick McCarty.


If it is indeed McCarty, he has, to my knowledge, been a civil court judge (not criminal) his entire career on the bench.

Seriously?! said...

Not true. By fact a search warrent is not legal UNTIL a judge signs it. Once that happens it is by definition a legal seach warrent. Now, if the officer who signed the affidavit to obtain the warrent knowing lied then the officer is held responsible. The idea of a officer going to a judge and saying "sign here" is simplistic and unrealistic as well as not legal. As you aren't an attorney, a simple internet search of what makes a search warrent legal will clarify these misconceptions you hold.

Ghostwriter Judiciary said...


If the allegations contained in the search warrant affidavit do not establish probable cause - but the judge signs the warrant anyway - it is not legal and can be suppressed. It is as simple as that.

I am an attorney. I have had searches suppressed because the affidavit did not properly allege facts to establish probable cause. Please spell "warrant" correctly.

Seriously?! said...


Forgive my typo. I didn't spell check my post.

United States v. Leon, 468 U.S. 897 (1984)
Supreme court case stating that just because probale cause may not have been properly established prior to the warrAnt being issued the findings were still valid. I'm not a lawyer and that took five inutes of internet searching.

Ghostwriter Judiciary said...


Leon dealt with the "good faith exception" when a police officer relies on a warrant which later turns out to lack probable cause. There are two problems with its application here. First, the affiant who signed the warrant also executed the search. Second, Leon recognized that the affidavit still must provide a substantial basis for determining probable cause. The warrant here contained a glaring problem - it did not include any allegations that a named gang was committing the type of crimes necessary to establish probable cause for prosecution under the gang statute.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Seriously said,

"The fact that it was signed by a judge makes it a legal seach warrent. If nothing was found then charges dismissed. Obviously something was found so therefore the warrent had SOME value."

Fortunately, that's not the way the law works. You can always challenge the legality of a search warrant, usually because of a lack of probable cause. And finding stuff after the fact, doesn't validate the search warrant. (Though they didn't seem to find much that was illegal.) Ever hear of the "fruit of the poisonous tree" legal concept? If in the course of doing an illegal search, you find something illegal, that illegal thing you find is excluded.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Bill is right, Seriously. That's the good faith exception rule. By your conclusion a search warrant could never be challenged...but they are in fact challenged all the time.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Unigov, whatever dumb thing that Ajabu may have said, doesn't change the fact that the search of Brandon Johnson's residence (and the charge of gun possession based on a picture of a gun!) is totally inappropriate if not downright illegal.

Unigov said...

Paul - I agree the warrant is weak and the whole thing smells of retaliation. My broader point is that Ajabu is hardly a voice worth listening to. His suggestion that Thomas Hardy is a hero is repugnant. His current article attempts to draw a parallel between Egyptian soldiers and black IMPD officers, yet again in this article he doesn't seem to comprehend that people in Libya are not black:

We must understand that President Obama with his so-called coalition is now shooting, bombing, maiming and killing African people. Do we as people of African descent support the killing of our own people?

Such clownmanship doesn't contribute to equality. Racism, to Ajabu, is just another tool in his pursuit of class struggle.

If only someone could make a video about racism in Indy: